5 Resume Creator Extensions For Google Chrome

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Here’s a list of 5 resume creator extensions for Google Chrome which you can use to create resumes using Chrome. Job market is though these days, despite hearing in the news that a recovery is under way, a lot of┬ápeople are still having a hard time finding work. The smallest of details could mean the difference between you getting a job or not. Properly filled out resume is the first thing that a prospective employer will see from you, so you better make sure that your resume is top notch. Here’s how Chrome can help you out.

Resume (CV) Maker

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Resume (CV) Maker lets you create professional looking resumes, even if you’re not very experienced in creating resumes. It does this by having pre-configured layouts of resumes, layouts of how CVs should look like.

You can see how the default layout looks like on the image above. Sections of the resumes that are available by default include basic information, education, qualification, work experience, interests, references and objective (what you think your goal in the company would/should be). Each section has input fields for all the important information for that particular section. Education will for example have high school info, college info, work experience will have inputs about where you worked before, etc.

Get Resume (CV) Maker.

SBC Resume Builder

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SBC Resume Builder creates simpler resumes, it doesn’t have advanced options and information that Resume Maker has.

Some people, some companies might love simplicity over complicated resumes, and that’s exactly what you will get with SBC Resume Builder, simplicity. Only the very basic resume information is required and is gonna be showed in the resume. Very basic info about you, your eduction and work experience.

Get SBC Resume Builder.

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Resume/CV Builder

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Resume/CV Builder creates very professional looking resumes. Actually this is an app, not an extension.

Free version of Resume Builder only has some of the resume templates available. For others you’re gonna need to have a premium account to access them. Resume Builder is very similar in functionality to Resume Maker, meaning it’s a very advanced resume creator app that gives a lot of options and lets you include a lot of info about yourself into nice looking Android app.

Get Resume/CV Builder.

Simple Cv Creator

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Simple Cv Creator team uses three words to describe Simple Cv Creator, simple, quick and free, and that’s exactly what it is.

App only has a few input fields (note that some of them are text input fields) that you need to fill out. When you finish, a very simple resume is gonna be presented to you.

Get Simple Cv Creator.

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HipCV can be used to create hip resumes, hence its name. Information can be imported from LinkedIn, which makes filling out the resume much more easier on you.

Information can also be filled out manually. All the usually required info needs to be filled out. Resumes can be saved as PDF or shared on social networks (you get your own profile on the hipcv website).

Get HipCV.


Resume/CV Builder does a great job and I suggest that you try it first. Resumes created in this resume creator extension are very professional and modern. You might not agree. If you don’t agree leave a comment down below telling me why.

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