5 Websites To Get Funny Status Updates To Post On Facebook

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Here is a list of 5 free Websites To Get Funny Status Updates To Post On Facebook. You can simply copy the status and paste them in your Facebook account. These websites provide you with some hilarious, inspirational quotes that you can put up on Facebook. There are different categories ( mostly funny) under which you will find lots of updates related to that category. Read about these websites before you get on with the task of posting updates and get popular.

The 5 websites to get funny status updates that I have reviewed here are Facebook Craze, FunnyStatus, Silly Facebook Statuses, status stalker, and Bored.com. 

Facebook Craze:

Facebook Craze-funny status updates-status updates

The first website to get funny status updates is Facebook Craze. This is a very simple to use website that is entirely dedicated to different activities on Facebook. There are different categories relating to different things you can do on Facebook and each category has something in it for you. One such category is Facebook status update. There are lots of funny status updates that you will find under this category. New updates are put up from time to time for you. You do not have to go through any registration process to use these status updates. Just copy & paste them and keep coming back for new updates.

Try Facebook Craze here.



Next website in the line to get funny status updates is FunnyStatus. Like in Facebook Craze, you do not have to go through any registration process to use this website. There are different categories like Funny Facebook status updates, Most Liked status updates, quotes for Facebook, and more. All these categories contain some very interesting updates that you can use in your Facebook account. This website also has a tool call “Random status generator”. You just have to hit a button and the website will randomly generate a funny Facebook status update for you. Lastly, the website even lets you upload your own status so that others can use it.

Try out FunnyStatus here.

Silly Facebook Statuses:

Silly Facebook Statuses

Third website to get funny status updates is Silly Facebook Statuses. The name of the website properly depicts its essence. On the home page of the website you will find lots of different categories that contain over 900 funny Facebook status updates. Some of these categories are Funny jokes, Drinking statutes, 80’s Hair Brand list, and more. You will find a lot of status updates that will make you laugh and others that won’t make you laugh at all. You can vote the ones you did not like as “not funny”, and if you do like something Well, just paste it in your account then!

Try Silly Facebook Statuses here.

status stalker:

status stalker

This is the penultimate website in this list to get funny status updates. Basically, status stalker is like any other ( websites mentioned in this list) website. It does not provide you with something new or different. There are certain categories under which you will find lots of status updates that you can use. For every status update, you can give them ratings such funny, epic, win, fail, etc. You can rate any particular status update or simply use the ones you like. There is no need to create an account for this. This website also has a random status generator that you can use to generate more status updates.

Try status stalker here.



Bored.com is the fifth and final website that lets you get funny status updates to post on Facebook. The website is very simple and straightforward and you cannot do much in it. New Facebook status updates are posted regularly on the website. You can read all of them and use the ones that you like in you Facebook account. The website mainly puts up funny updates to tickle your bones. You do not get to use features like rating the updates, or posting something on your own, on this website.

Try Bored.com here.

Check out these above mentioned websites and find some hilarious status updates for yourself.

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