5 Free Bulk File Copy Software to Copy Files Fast

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Here are 5 free and fast file copying software that enable you to bulk copy files and bulk transfer files in the fastest possible speed with easy and simple procedures. These modern notes softwares are TeraCopy, Copy Handler, ExtremeCopy, FastCopy and RichCopy.


TeraCopy is mass file copy software that enables users to duplicate and transfer bulk files in maximum speed.

Other unique valuable features in this free file copy program are as follows:

  • Fast file transfer: TeraCopy is designed with a synchronized buffer to reduce waiting time in file transfers between two different hard drives.
  • Pause and resume file transfer: TeraCopy file copy software allows users to pause file transfer in case of system usages and it allows the system to resume the transfer activity with a single click.
  • Recovers file copy errors: Just in case an error occurs during the file transfer, the file copy software will attempt several times to recover, and in the worst case scenario, it will skip the erroneous file but will never stop the mass file transfer.
  • Interactive file listing: This software will show the file errors and allow user to fix the files. Thus, permits to only copy the failed files.
  • Integration of shell: TeraCopy can replace copy and move functions of Explorer, allowing users to work on their files.
  • Complete Unicode Windows 7 x64 support

Read more about TeraCopy, or download Teracopy here.

Copy Handler

Copy Handler is a free to use file copy software for Windows systems, which gives the user full control over copying or transferring and moving files.

Moreover, this program copies files fast and has variety of features such as:

  • Task association.
  • File filter in accordance to different criteria.
  • Pause and resume file transfer activities.
  • It allows also some changes in copying criteria.
  • And most of the time, thus note software also offers a significant speed in file transfer

You can read more about Copy Handler, or download Copy Handler here.


ExtremeCopy is another free file copy software program that allows to transfer files by copying and moving in a high speed, with simple procedures. It has the capacity to increase file copy speed from 20% ~ 120% compare to Windows copy.

Some potent features are as follows:

  • Pause and copy processing
  • recovering error as easy as other note taking program such as Copy Handler

A new version of this software is also released in stores which is the ExtremeCopy 1.5.1 with good features such as: Addition of failed file listing which allow file recovery , reserves window paste when window copying default is set by the system, adds task logging, supported by language localization and therefore, the note taking software is more reliable .

Extreme Copy as mass file copy software benefits users by allowing you to transfer bulk file copy by copying and moving that is more efficient and powerful, gives more savings when you save files in hard drives such as USB and other computers and it manages copy task easily.

You can read more about ExtremeCopy, or download ExtremeCopy here.


FastCopy is a fast file copy software for windows. MAX_PATH (260 byte) pathnames and UNICODE are supported by this fast copy software.  It selects automatically methods based on sources of data whether in the same or different HDD. If in the same HDD, the reading of data is processed until the appearance of filled buffers appear and when filled, writing begins and processed in storages. Thus, if in different HDD, reading and writing are systemized in parallel and different threads. Since the process of reading and writing are without OS, application performance do not slow down. Because of this number of unique features of this note taking program are at hand such as:

  • Reading and writing is achieved limit close device.
  • Specific Include and Exclude Filter (Wildcard styles such as UNIX).
  • MFC is not used. (Designed using Win 32 C and API Runtime only) making it to runs fast.
  • The software is modifiable because all source code has been opened to public through BSD license.

Read more about FastCopy, or download FastCopy here.


RichCopy is from Ken Tamaru of Microsoft who established this mass file copy software as free software. It was invented in 2001 and regularly established to respond various modern needs. It is presently a multithreaded bulk file copy tool with the following simple features:

  • It allows to copy not only single file but consumer can select various data simultaneously.
  • This is a good answer to people with poor internet connection because it allows you to pause your file transfer when your connection is disconnected and if connected again, will continue to the unfinished download only. Therefore, you don’t need to start from top to bottom again.
  • It allows customization: filter files, saving methods, adjustment of cache size, and others. If you do file transfer almost regularly, this is finally your solution.

Read more about RichCopy, or download RichCopy here.

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