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TTPod is a free Android music player that shows lyrics of songs while playing music on Android.  When you start playing a song with this music player, it will automatically download lyrics of that song from the internet, and will show that on screen. Not only that, it will also download the album art, and show that as background.

TTPod Lyrics

You can only play audio with TTPod music player. If you play videos files with this, it will only play audio of that, and won’t show video.

This Android music player displays the lyrics of the songs only when you are connected via internet. TTPod automatically identifies the song played on your Android and then identifies the album cover and the lyrics of the audio file on the web.

TTPod Android music player even has great equalizer bar lights. When you play any audio file on your Android phone, the music player enables bar lights on your Android home screen which moves according to the songs beats played on Android.

Another good part of this Android music player app is its automatic media file import. The music player imports all the music files automatically from SD card in its music library.

And yet another interesting feature is its awesome landscape mode music visualization. TTPod music player app comes up with multiple cool visualization on Android screen. Those visualization can be only played on landscape mode on your Android phone.

If you want to play music folder wise continuously on Android then you can install Music Folder Player app for Android.

Features Of TTPod Android Music Player:

  • Play media files specially audio files on your Android phone.
  • Listen music with lyrics.
  • Automatic download of lyrics of audio songs from internet by the app.
  • Displays equalizer bar lights which moves according to the music played.
  • The music player app comes up with beautiful visualization in landscape mode.
    TTPod Music Visualization
  • You can set equalizer according to your requirements.
  • Set sleep timer to automatically stop the music player.
    TTPod Sleep Timer
  • Change skin of the player anytime.
  • Automatically imports all the media files in its library.
  • Search any audio file with smart search in the music player app.
  • Select from multiple play modes which includes repeat all, single repeat, normal, shuffle.
  • Displays lyrics of the song on main Android home screen.
  • Shake your Android phone to change media.
  • Control player using headset button.
  • Pause on headset plugin.

What Is New In TTPod Music Player App:

  • Automatic Lyric download with auto-scroll of the lyric along with playing audio on Android.
  • Equalizer with bar lights moving along the song.
  • Multiple landscape mode visualization.
  • Sleep mode.
  • Multiple Play mode which includes repeat all, single repeat, normal and shuffle.

I liked the app so much that I have set the music player app as my default music player to play audio files on Android phone, instead of RealPlayer for Android which I used earlier.

Install TTPod Music Player:

Login to Google Play Store and search for “TTPod” music player app in Google Play Store. You can even scan the QR code below, if you have a Barcode Scanner app installed on your Android phone.

TTPod QR Code

TTPod music player is one of the best music player with almost all the features available to enjoy music. Install it today, and see lyrics of your songs while they play on Android.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
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Works With: Android 2.0 and up
Free/Paid: Free

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