Free USB VIrus Blocker For Windows: Shiela USB Shield

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Shiela USB Shield is a free USB virus blocker for Windows which you can use in order to block virus infections that are known to use USB drives in order to spread to other computers. It will protect your computer not only by detecting if an application (meaning virus) is set to be launched when USB is plugged into the PC, it will also try and fix the USB by restoring the original executable, if any were present.

In order to be able to protect you, this free USB virus blocker needs to run all the time. For this reason, it adds a system tray icon, just like every other antivirus software would. Double click opens up the options menu, which can be seen on the image down below, but for the most important options, like starting and stopping USB protection you also have a quick access right click.

Shiela USB Shield default window

In settings you can set Shiela USB Shield to run with Windows and what’s most important, you can also decide how will this free USB virus blocker react when an application tries to activate itself from the USB.

Key features of Shiela USB Shield are:

  • Free and simple to setup: everything is configured automatically
  • Protects you from virus infections from USB flash drives (autorun)
  • Real-time protection: scans continuously from inside the system tray
  • It can either block or delete right away malicious executables
  • Manual scans are available by right clicking on the system tray icon
  • Quick write protect switcher: so that no new files can be added to USB
  • Works with all Windows versions: Windows XP, Windows Vista, 7, and 8

Similar software: BitDefender USB Immunizer.

Modern versions of Windows have improved their USB protection and by default users are asked if they want the executable from the USB flash drive to be started. This is great, but there are still ways how users might be fooled into running viruses from USB flash drive.

How to stop USB virus infections with Shiela USB Shield: free USB virus blocker

Well other than installing the application and right clicking on it in order to make sure that it’s running, there’s nothing else that you’re required to do in order to be protected. Shiela USB Shield starts scanning right away for any new USB flash drives that might get plugged in and if it detects foul play you’ll be notified about it.

Shiela USB Shield settings and options

You could open up settings with a left double click on the system tray icon. Under the Detection tab you can decide will this free USB virus blocker only block viruses or delete them right away. For a manual scan of USB flash drives, right click on the system tray icon and select Scan Drives.


Shiela USB Shield is lightweight, easy to setup, does everything it says it does, and best of all it’s free. If you plug your USB flash drive in other peoples computers a lot, then this is something that you should definitely have installed. Your computer might be safe, but viruses that other people have on their computers might jump onto your USB and you could bring them back to your system. Free download.

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