Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector: Wi-Fi Manager, Troubleshoot Wi-Fi

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Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector is a free wi-fi manager and wi-fi troubleshooting tool that aids you the management or your wi-fi connections. The software alerts the user of all wireless networks; verifies coverage, tracks the signal history and provides detailed information about wi-fi networks which may be available.

This free wi-fi manager is able to be used to test wi-fi signal strength as well as authentication and wireless modes. Not only, may the aforementioned “tests” be conducted, but Xirrus Wi-Fi inspector, may also be used to review, or find, the proximity of all access points.

The main interface of this Wi-fi monitor displays all available wireless networks as well as the SSID ‘(Service Set Identifier) and the BSSID (Basic Service Set Identifier). Also within the main interface is the current channel connected to a wireless point as well as, MAC addresses, DNS, IP gateway and so forth. A colorful graphic represents signal quality and wi-fi adapters.


Here are some of the main uses of Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector:

  • Manage wi-fi connection.
  • Troubleshoot wi-fi connection
  • Search for wi-fi networks
  • Locate wi-fi devices
  • Verify wi-fi coverage
  • Detect rogue Aps.

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Some of the features of Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector:

  • Dynamic radar view displaying local Wi-Fi network names and relative distance
  • Detailed information table of all local Wi-Fi networks
  • Display of laptop’s Wi-Fi connection details and most important network addresses
  • Connection, Quality, and Speed tests for troubleshooting the Wi-Fi network connection
  • Real-time graph of signal strength of one or more Wi-Fi networks with 8 minute history
  • Locate mode for tracking Wi-Fi network signal strength, including audible beep
  • Export Wi-Fi networks to .csv file
  • Directly Connect/Disconnect to Wi-Fi networks
  • Option to Enable/Disable Wi-Fi adapter (Windows 7 and Vista only)
  • Integrated glossary of Wi-Fi terms

How to Use Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector

When you first download and setup this free wi-fi finder software, you’ll be surprised to see a large “radar” button in the main interface. This radar is able to be used to view an enlarged signal radar.There are also the history and network buttons displayed which allow you to view the network in graphics.

The software also provides the user with internet access speeds, quality and connection testing resources. Using these various options, allows users to identify any and all wi-fi connection problems. The user is also able to adjust the various frequencies in order to gain a stronger or clearer signal.

The ‘Settings button’ allows the user to change the adapter, display the various units, set the ‘Receive Signal Strength Indicator’ (RSSI) and ‘sweep’ for wi-fi signals. Also read about how to convert laptop to wireless hotspot.

Here is a video tutorial of Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector:

With wi-fi becoming a popular way of connecting to the Internet, these days, it stands to reason that having this type of program is not only a handy tool to have, but will eventually be a must-have for all portable and non portable internet devices. Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector free wi-fi troubleshooter that is becoming a very popular download. Having the ability to monitor wi-fi connections, speeds and so forth in the 21st century is, nowadays, a necessity not a luxury.

Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector is designed to run hassle-free on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Download Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector free.

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