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GreenFish Icon Editor Pro is a very advanced icon editor and image to icon converter which you can use if for example you want to create a website icon, the famous favicon, or if you are creating a program for which you would like to create a icon used on launchers. Program comes packed with numerous tools, and some very advanced features which are even better than on some image editors.

GreenFish Icon Editor default window

As you can see from the image above GreenFish Icon Editor Pro really lives up to its name, it come packed with a wide range of tool, and some might even confuse it with Photoshop. We are of course kidding, but GreenFish does have a lot of similarities with other big shots in the world of image editors, like GIMP and Paint.NET, we have:

  • Layers – create new layer on which you can make image adjustments
  • Filters – grayscale, solarize, hue/saturation, everything’s here
  • Effects – there’s even a small selection of effects – blur, glow, bevel
  • Text editor – create text and write on your icons
  • Paintbrush/Pencil Tool – you know what these do

These are just some of the tools which you can find in GreenFish editor, although majority of users will probably not need most of them, what’s most interesting would be the image to icon converter where you can select any image, it can even be an image of you, and you can convert it into an icon, we’ll get to that later, image editor comes first.

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Create and edit icons for free with GreenFish Icon Editor Pro

A great way of how to start creating an icon would be by opening an existing image. If for example you are creating a favicon for a website, you will probably already have some sort of logo ready which you can simply open up in GreenFish, edit it a bit and then convert it into a proper format for a favicon, which would be .ICO. Other supported formats:

  • .ICNS
  • .XMPM
  • .PCX
  • .XPM
  • .ANI
  • .ICO

GreenFish Icon Editor icon created edited

What you see above is an attempt at creating what was described above. We opened an image and made some changes to it, and we got this interesting postcard, instead of an icon. Results will be much better once that the program is in proper hands. Notice on the right top corner we have layers, which we’ve used. On this particular icon we also used a brush, see it loaded in the lower left corner. Don’t judge GreenFish based on what you see above, it’s not the programs fault, it’s ours :).

Image to Icon/Favicon conversion with GreenFish Icon Editor

Favicons are icons which are placed next to the website URL in the browsers URL bar, look up. They can also be seen in favorites, they are essentially website icons. Converting images into icons with the help of GreenFish is easy:

GreenFish Icon Editor convert image to icon

Click on File >> Batch Convert and then simply add images that you want to convert, select icon formats, and save setting, click on OK and they will be converted and saved in the same folder where the original image was. Icon will be left opened so that you can edit it additionally, all that free of charge, download GreenFish and enjoy.

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