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Gwennel Web is a free WYSIWYG mediawiki editor for sites such as Wikipedia and other “Wiki” type sites. This mediawiki editor allows users to edit pages without having to be concerned or worried about dealing with difficult Wiki syntax. This free Wiki editor allows users to add content to such sites as the aforementioned Wikipedia as well as other websites lurking on the Internet.

The WYSIWYG wiki editor renders formatting styles as bold or Italic text if one wants more options; he or she needs to use the WYSIWYG application which has more options and formatting styles. This simple free WYSIWYG mediawiki editor is both small and portable; only using 1MB of disk space. Even with slower computers, the Wiki editor works quite fast. Copying the program to USB memory stick is also possible giving the user portability. You can also check out some wiki software like, Wiki on a Stick, Zim, and Linked Notes.

Gwennel Web

Let’s take a look at some of the features of free mediawiki editor:

  • The applications interface is simple and easily navigated.
  • It is fast and very responsive free wiki editor; even on older computers.
  • Does not require any kind of installation.
  • Able to be copied to USB memory stick or some other portable device.
  • Strong support for the syntax of Wiki.
  • Is able to fathom most of the Wiki syntax. However, there are cases, such as complex tables or generic HTML names cause the program to degrade such cases into raw source text.
  • Does not require the user to install an extension on the server. Thus it works well with existing Mediawiki installations.
  • History friendly. When pages are saved there are no superfluous differences in the page’s history. This is an important feature as it permits collaboration between people who contribute to said page or pages.
  • All headings are set in a “tree” format of the left of the window which provides an overview of the page.

Also check out free personal wiki software.

If you are one of these people who enjoy adding your own content to Wikipedia, etc, then Gwennel Web is what you should be using. You’ll not have to worry about syntax and other difficult data; all you need to do is write. Check out this WYSIWYG Mediawiki editor now, you’ll probably like it. Download free here.

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