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Wiki on a Stick is a free portable wiki generator. Wiki on a Stick creates your own wiki that is self-contained within one XHTML file. The fact it only consists of one file means that it is almost certainly going to fit on a USB memory stick, meaning you can take it with you anywhere.

If you want a more full featured Wiki software for your computer, you can use Zim or Linked Notes.

A very basic page generated using Wiki on a Stick.

Wiki on your USB Drive

The portable nature of these files means that they are the perfect way to store all of your important information. It can be a self-contained hive of information about your own life and work, meaning that you can use a different method to transport some of the research and documentation that you will need in your day to day life.

For example, you can use the free portable wiki generator in order to store all of the documentation for your computer software. The tree system of links and ability to create list pages means that you can quite easily make a library of documentation which you can refer to whenever you need to know some more about a particular piece of software.

If you just need a notes taking application, try Crawler Notes, or CintaNotes.

A Personal Library Of Information

As well as storing information that would be bulky in another format, it can be used to store information that is relevant only to you. For example, the free portable wiki generator can be used to store your work appointments and tasks within a very simple system of links.

So to conclude, this free portable wiki generator is easy to use and has a plethora of potential uses. It can be ideal for a businessman who has a lot of information about their work to store or for a heavy computer user who wants to collate all of their software documentation in a simple to manage library. While carrying important information on your USB drive, make sure you password protect Flash drive.

It is a tiny download that suits almost everyone and so this free portable wiki generator is certainly something worth trying out.

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