Scorched 3D: Free Tank Game For Windows, Mac

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Scorched 3D is a famous tank game for PC; available for free download. Try this artillery game, where battle tanks take turns to destroy others.

Scorched 3D is based on a DOS game, Scorched Earth. You can play both Single Player and Multi-player game in this tank game. This game can be played on Windows, Linux, and MAC Operating System.

scorched 3d

About this 3D Tank Game:

This is a classic 3D tank game. Strategy is the important element to win this game. You have to fire varieties of bombs at your enemies; with right power and at a certain angle. I definitely found this game better than Battle Tanks 2.

In your game window you can see several icons and maps.

On the top left corner you can see wind direction and also four icons above it. They are:

  • The first is a camera icon; when you click on it, many options will be shown. These are certain camera angles. The top view and above tank view are good views out of them. Even if you move your mouse the camera moves and when you scroll it zooms. So, carefully choose your camera view so that you can see your enemies also.
  • The second icon is for resigning (come out of the game by declaring yourself dead) or clearing tracers and save option is available here to save your game.
  • The third icon looks like a bomb; it shows all the varieties of bombs you have.
  • The last icon in this series is for viewing different icons on your screen. If the options are tick marked then they appear on your screen or else they don’t.

The top right corner shows you a mini map of the top view. You get to know where your enemies are located. The right bottom corner shows your icon and various shields or add-ons you are carrying. The left bottom corner shows the chat, power, rotation angle, elevation, and the type of bomb in use.

scorched 3d bombs

This game opens in a small window in the beginning. You can see options like Play, Start Server, Settings, and Quit (rest of the options are not necessary).

Single Player option: Play

When you click on play, the game opens in full screen mode. Then you can see options like: Tutorial, Play game, Play online, Load save, and Quit.

Tutorial: Tutorial is for getting to know the game. You will be given a random map after you choose your icon and name. In this mode you will be shooting at your enemies; your enemies will be idle. This is just like a practice session.

Play Game: When you click on play game, you will be asked to choose from: play a normal game, play an apocalypse mod game, and play a customization game.

If you choose play a normal game, then you will be asked for target practice, easy game, normal game, and hard game. Then you will be asked to choose an icon for your tank. Then you will be asked to enter your name also. Then you can play the game against two other computer controlled tanks. After every stage you can buy bombs depending upon the money you get. Try every weapon and choose which weapon is good to use.

If you choose play an apocalypse mod game, then you will be asked to choose from apocalypse target practice or normal or easy or hard game. This is fast paced mode; with more enemies. You will be provided with money in the starting only.

If you choose play with customizations then you can set your own game. You can play with your friends also. All the settings will be under your control.

Play Online: In play online option you can choose from Internet or LAN or Favorites. In internet option you can see all the players who are connected to internet mode game; you can join them. In LAN option you can play with your friends if they have setup a LAN game; which will be described below. Favorites shows the servers you have saved for future reference.

Load Save: This option loads the game you have saved during your play.

Quit: This option quits the game (once you start playing, you might not use this option very often).

Start Server or Multiplayer Game:

In start server option you can play with your friends by setting up a LAN network. Click to view a review, where I mentioned the Steps to Setup a LAN Network.

scorched 3d tank

There are many controls. Mostly you need for aiming, increasing power, and firing. To check out the controls, view this keyboard layout image.

This tank game needs strategy to kill your enemies; because you have to set your tank barrel angle, elevation, and power. Sometimes wind is also included; so you have to set your angle and power accordingly. You can also buy fuel to move your tank a little distance; so that it’s easy to shoot your enemies.

Battle and Win over your enemies. The game download size is 70MB for Windows and Linux; 113 MB for MAC OS. Here is the link to Download Scorched 3D.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Linux, Mac
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