Free Software to Bulk Uninstall Programs Automatically from PC

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Bulk Crap Uninstaller is a free software to batch uninstall programs automatically from PC. That means human interaction is not needed while uninstalling the applications. It is made possible with the help of its Uninstall quietly feature. There might be some programs which can’t be uninstalled silently. That means you need to manually close the uninstallation windows of those particular programs to continue with the uninstallation of other programs. Still, it’s a good program when you have to bulk uninstall applications in lesser time than normal.

I have come across many other uninstall managers, but using those software you need to perform mouse clicks to uninstall the applications (one after other). This software is way better as you can create the list of programs which you need to remove from the list and then it takes care of the rest of the tasks.

Apart from this, it also lets you check if there are leftovers (registry keys or entries) remaining or not. You can confirm and remove if any entry is available.

Bulk Crap Uninstaller- uninstall programs silently

In the screenshot above, you can see the list of programs uninstalled by me silently using this software.

Other Key Features of This Batch Program Uninstaller Software are:

  • You can also remove the corrupted applications from the list of installed programs, but you need to do this task manually.
  • You can also export or save Uninstall list as XML file.
  • It prompts you to create system restore point before starting the uninstallation process.
  • Before removing the leftovers from Registry, it also helps to create registry backup.
  • It can also display protected items, certified programs, system components, etc. It uses separate colors for every single category (like Green color for Verified certificate programs).
  • A startup manager feature (under Tools menu) is also available to remove unnecessary programs from the Windows startup list. However, it didn’t work as well for me as it should have. It failed to remove some of the programs from the startup list. You may use some other free standalone startup managers to perform this task.

startup manager

How To Silently Batch Uninstall Programs from PC using This Free Software?

Download the setup of this uninstaller using this link. Install it and launch the interface.

While using it for the first time, it will open a wizard. You can follow that wizard to configure some settings, such as: show system components, protected applications, etc. However, these settings can also be configured later using its interface, so you can also skip the wizard.

follow the wizard

On its interface, it will show the list of all the installed applications. Now you can select the applications and tap on Uninstall quietly option. If there are some applications which can’t be removed silently, it will notify you.

select applications and use Uninstall quietly option

After this, the process of uninstalling the selected programs will start and it will remove those programs one by one without your help.

uninstall progress window

When the process is completed, it will prompt you to check if leftovers are still present of uninstalled applications in Windows Registry or not. You can click on Yes button to see the list of leftovers (if available) and remove them.

check leftovers and remove


Bulk Crap Uninstaller might not be the perfect solution to completely uninstall programs without user-interaction, but yes it is a worthy software to help to bulk uninstall programs with least interaction. Moreover, it’s feature to find and remove leftovers is pretty useful to keep your Windows Registry free from invalid or junk entries.

Get Bulk Crap Uninstaller free.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 3 Average: 4]
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