Save And Restore Desktop Icons Layout Using ICU

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ICU stands for (Icon Configuration Utility) which is a free utility software that lets you to save and restore desktop icons positions of your system. This is helpful when you run some applications, drivers or games which usually changes the resolution of your system and in result, your desktop icons are rearranged. Here you need Icon Configuration Utility to restore desktop icons to their as it is place.

You can also create multiple layouts (configuration files) to arrange your desktop icons. Even you have the facility to perform actions for those icons which you will add (if any) after your last saved layout. In simple terms, ICU is a nice software if you have a lot of desktop icons and wants to see them on their original positions every time. Have a look at this tutorial.

Icon Configuration Utility 001 restore desktop icons

Key Features Of Icon Configuration Utility:

  • Restore your desktop icons to their original place.
  • Save your desktop layout.
  • Create multiple layouts for different occasions.
  • Context menu facility available.
  • Simple, easy to use, and free of cost software.

How To Use ICU To Restore Desktop Icons:

  • It is a very simple and easy to use software. Simply download it with this link. Click on the available Download button in this link. After downloading it, extract its files into a folder and simply run its application file by double-clicking on it. Installation is not required in it.
  • After double-clicking its application, window of ICU will open up (see the above screenshot).  Here you will find that no layouts are saved. Start saving your desktop layouts known as ‘Icon Configuration File’ by clicking on the available Save button. When you will click on save button, you will find a small window asking you to enter the name of new icon configuration file. Give a desired name to your file.
  • Now decide an action for those unknown icons which will be added to your desktop after saving the configuration file. You can perform the available actions (such as Top-Left, Custom Position, Ask per icon etc.) to those new added icons (if any).

Icon Configuration Utility 002 restore desktop icons

  • This is all you need to do. Now whenever your desktop icons are rearranged by any reason, you can simply restore them to their original place by simply clicking on available Restore button.
  • You can create as many configuration files as you want to. Create configuration files for different users, different screen resolutions etc. (see the below given screenshot).
  • In addition, you can make a duplicate copy of any created file by just clicking on the available Duplicate button.
  • Any file can be deleted easily via available Delete button.

Icon Configuration Utility 003 restore desktop icons

Context Menu Feature:

  • This is the unique feature available in ICU that will let you to perform actions right from the context menu of your desktop. As you can see in the first given screenshot, there is a DCI button available. DCI stands for ‘Desktop Contextmenu Integration’. As the name shows, it will perform actions from the context menu. Install this feature by clicking on its available button.
  • Now whenever your desktop icons are scattered, just right-click on your desktop. Go to ICU option, and click on one of the desired saved configuration file. It will arrange your desktop icons to their original place according to that configuration file.
  • For other options, such as to save a new configuration file using DCI feature, click on the available ‘Save Desktop Layout’ option and perform actions accordingly.
  • And by clicking on the Settings option, it will direct you to the main window of Icon Configuration Utility.

Icon Configuration Utility 004 restore desktop icons

  • Create configuration files according to your requirement and work without any frustration on your PC.

Other Options in ICU:

  • Enable/disable Auto Arrange and Align to Grid option by available check mark button for these.
  • In order to edit or adjust a particular configuration file, right-click on it and perform actions (restore, delete etc.) accordingly.
  • Create shortcut of the desired configuration file by clicking on the check mark button of available Create Shortcut on Save option.

Icon Configuration Utility is really a handy software to save and restore desktop icons in a reliable manner. You can give a try to this useful software and see how it manages your desktop icons.

Give a try to IconRestorer, DesktopSaverDesktopOK, and Eusing Launcher.

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