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IconRestorer is a software that restores icon positions on desktop. The icons can get lost or their positions can change due to various reasons like crashing of your computer or change in the resolution of the screen. In such cases, IconRestorer, as its name suggests, restores the placement of all your icons.

This program remembers the icon setup and you don’t need to manually change the settings time and again. It is very easy to use. You place your icons whereever you want to put them on your desktop and click on MyComputer and left click on ‘save icon layout’ from the pop up menu. So if your computer crashes or enters the safe mode or you change the resolution, you simply right click on MyComputer and just click on ‘restore icon layout’. It is a really good program for all those who frequently change their screen resolutions.


This program is able to save and restore the wallpaper with the icon positions or automatically restores the icon position when you change the resolution.

Here are some of the features of IconRestorer:

  • It can manage the icon positions separately for all screen resolutions
  • It can automatically restore the positions with the change in resolution
  • It saves the icon positions when your computer shuts down
  • It has multiple backups for each resolutions
  • You can easily manage the backup- delete or rename or import/export whenever you wish to
  • It has a list view desktop mode
  • You  can preview your backups as it has thumbnails of saved backups
  • It supports multiple monitors for the preview of backups
  • It moves the files that are unsaved to the folder ‘extra files’ on the desktop
  • It has a help option for contextual help
  • You can easily choose from the many color schemes
  • It automatically checks program updates
  • It supports many languages

IconRestorer is a very efficient program that automatically restores the last saved icon layout and manages your desktop very well. It is compatible with Windows Vista and 7. With so many features and a nice interface, it is pleasant to work with and it comes completely free of cost.

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Works With: Windows
Free/Paid: Free

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