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Judoom is a free word processor that is used to create, edit rich text documents, MS Word files, Open Office files, and plain text files. It comes with a unique tree view explorer to quickly and easily access a document directly using its interface. Thus, you won’t need to go through Windows explorer to open a file with Judoom.

Moreover, it is a tabbed word processor, and you can open multiple documents in a single window. These features distinguish it from some text editors. It’s a very simple yet handy word processor for writers as well as for common users.

Judoom- interface

In the above screenshot, Judoom’s interface is visible which is good-looking and is neatly separated into three parts.

The left most part provides a series of trees and at most 4 trees can be used. First tree works similar, like Windows explorer, and is used to quickly access and open a document with Judoom. Just next to it, there comes a document tree that shows all the documents folder. Other than this, two more trees (known as project trees) can be used which are user-defined. Each project tree helps to manage your work and contains all the files and folders used by you in a project.

Judoom- left most part of Judoom

The top part of Judoom provides multiple menu tabs that gives basic options. Tabs like:

  • Home tab to open, save documents, create first & second project, and print preview/print a document. Each document can be saved in rtf, doc, docx, or in txt format. More in this, you will find a word counter option that shows total number of words and characters used in a document.

Judoom- home tab

  • Word Processor tab to change font style, font size, insert text box, picture etc. to your document.
  • View & layout tab to change document page size, zoom in/out, select columns in a document, insert line or numbers.

The center part of Judoom provides dashboard where you can view and edit any opened document.

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Key Features Present In This Free Word Processor are:

  • It’s a very useful and completely free word processor that provides a simple interface to work with open office documents, plain text file, rich text files etc.
  • Users can create project trees that will help them to manage their work and displays all the files and folders used in a project.
  • Multiple documents can be opened in a single window of Judoom. Each document will be opened as a separate tab.
  • You can change background color of any page/tab.
  • Facility present to insert an image, text box, or add a hyperlink.


Judoom comes in handy when you need a simple word processor to edit or create rtf files, plain text files, or word files. More features such as spell checker, text suggestion, text predictions can be added in Judoom to make it more useful. It is worthy to give a try.

Check out Judoom here.

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