5 Free Websites To Merge Or Overlay Images

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Merge Or overlay images with these 5 free websites to Merge Or Overlay Images. These websites can be used to superimpose images on one another. Some of these websites even allow you to add text to the superimposed images. Some of these website allow you to drag and place the superimposed image anywhere on the background image, while for some of them, you need to pre-define the location of the 2nd image. With some of them you also get to set transparency of the second image. You can also resize images with most of these websites. Most of these let you upload images from your computer or just use URL of the images to upload them.

Many a times you get the need to overlay images, but for that you would need to download different software to get the work done. This whole process takes a lot of time as you will have to cut, copy, paste images, etc to get the job done. That is why I have compiled here a list of 5 websites where you just need to upload the images to superimpose them.

Lets see how well these websites work.

Online Image Editor

merge images

Online Image editor is a free online tool that makes it pretty easy to overlay multiple images. It does not impose any limit on number of images that you can overlay, though you will have to overlay them one after the other.

The Overlay option is available under “Wizards” tab. To overlay images, start by uploading the main background image, and then upload the image that you want to overlay on that. This will combine both the images to make one image. While overlaying the image, you can place it anywhere on the background image. You can also rotate the overlay image, as well as resize. It also lets you add shadow to the image.

Once you have overlaid one image on background image, you can choose the resulting image as the new background image, and proceed to overlay another image on that, and then repeat it for as many images as you want to overlay.

A big disadvantage of this is that if you want to change some overlaid image that you had added earlier, you can only undo the recent image, and not the previous one.

In terms of advantages, what I like most about this website is that in addition to overlaying images, you can also do all sorts of editing to the images, like, add text, draw shapes, etc. (the website is actually a full fledged online image editor).

So, if you need to overlay just a few images, and also want to do some editing on the final image, then this website would be a good choice.

This website allows you to upload image either from your PC, using URL of online image, or from Facebook and Picasa.

You can download the resulting overlaid image in JPG, PNG, GIF, and BMP.

One interesting feature of this website is that you can upload images of different formats to overlay together.


Lunapic is a free website to blend images online. You can overlay multiple images with Lunapic, however, you can overlay them one by one. It allows you to give Cutout Shapes to the overlaid images. It also has the option to fade edge of the overlaid image. You can also swap the 2 images. You can customize the transparency and the rotation of the overlaid images.

You can upload images from Your PC, URL of online image, or from social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. In this website, you can start by selecting the Blend Two Images option under “Effects” tab. And, then go on to upload the background image first and then the the image you want to overlay. After that, you can drag the overlaid image to place it wherever you want. The size of the overlaid image can be controlled by dragging its corner.

If you wish to overlay more images on the same image, then you can upload next image by using Upload A Different Blend. You can continue to use this option as many times as you want.

The main disadvantage with this website is that you can only make changes to the last overlaid image, but not to the earlier overlaid images.

As this is also basically an online image editor website, so it comes as a major advantage to edit the finished overlaid image here only.


overlay images

IMGonline is a free and very useful website to overlay images. It only allows you to overlay one image over another. It basically deals in JPEG images. However I used PNG images, which also worked fine.

Here also, Overlay option can be founder Effects tab, where you just need to upload two images you want to overlay. You need to customize the Transparency setting and then need to choose the predefined position of 2nd image. The predefined positions for 2nd image are; Left Top, Left Center, Left Bottom, Center top, Center, Center Bottom, Right Top, Right Center, and Right Bottom. It allows you to enter the quality % you want in the finished image between 1 to 100. Once all the options are filled you can click OK to get the processed image.

The major disadvantage of this website is that it doesn’t allow to overlay more than one image. This website doesn’t support drag and position the overlay image. It also doesn’t support to resize second image by dragging corner.

As far as advantage is concerned, it is very simple to use as all the settings are at one place.


overlay images

Picmonkey is also a very useful online editor website to overlay images. Overlaying image in this website is very simple. You can start by Uploading a background image then choosing Overlays tool to upload the images you want to overlay. This website allows to upload images from PC, Hub (Beta), Facebook, One Drive, Dropbox, and Flickr.

This website supports drag and position of overlaying image. It also allows to resize image by dragging corners. It has an option to see before and after to check your progress.

The best thing about this website is that it allows you to edit all the overlaid images all the time. However, once you have combined all images you can’t edit them any more. As this is also an image editing website so you can edit the processed image using this website.


Phixr is a useful image editor website to overlay images. This websites allows you to upload multiple images at once but you can’t overlay more than one image at a time.

Here you can start by uploading all the images you want to overlay and then using Collage / Mix (Combine) images tool from the toolbar and then one by one you can select from all the uploaded images to overlay them. This website allows you to customize the opacity of the overlay image. You also get to fade edge of overlay image.

It supports drag and position of overlay images. The sizes of overlay images can also be resized by dragging corners. This website also allows you to rotate overlay images. You can also implement shadow on overlay images.

The major disadvantage of this website is that you can’t undo actions.

Advantage of this website is that it allows to upload all the images at once, so you won’t have to upload images one after another.


All the websites in this list are very good at overlaying images. I felt PicMonkey stood out as a winner for me as it allowed me edit all the overlay images all the time, until I saved the final image.

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