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Namebot is a free domain name suggestion tool. If you are looking for a domain name but are not able to find one that relates to your keyword, then Namebot will come to your rescue. You just need to provide your keywords as well as your preferred domain extension to Namebot and it will suggest lot of domains that are available by adding commonly used words in front of or at end of the keyword that you provide. You can then directly check the domains that are available and have your keyword in them, and can also choose to buy it.

Namebot is a pretty cool website. It happens with me a lot of time that I have to buy a domain name, but not able to find any that match the keyword that I am looking for. Till now, I was using two services called and NameTumbler. However, today I came across Namebot and I like it more than both these services.


How to Find Domain Name Suggestions:

Namebot is pretty simple to use. When you go to homepage of Namebot, you will see a textbook in the middle. In this, you have to provide the keyword for your domain. After that, click on search button.

Namebot Keyword

When you do that, it will take you to next page which will show domain names that have the keyword that you specified, and are available. Some of the domains will be highlighted in Blue; those domains are premium domains. The ones highlighted in Green are available and can be purchased.

Namebot Domain Name Suggestions

Now, on left side, you will see a nice panel. This lets you customize your search results for domain name suggestions. At the top, you can specify the maximum length of the domain name that you are looking for. On the left side, you can specify whether your keyword should come at the end of domain name, or it should come in the beginning (or both). Below it, you can specify extension or tld for domain name suggestions. Choose all these options to specify exactly what type of domain name suggestions you are looking for.

Namebot Navigation

Find Whether Domain Name is available as Facebook, Twitter Username as well:

Here is another interesting feature of NameBot that I have not seen in any other domain name suggestion tool that I have come across. When you see any domain name in Green, you can click on that. This will show you more info about that domain name. Most important of that would be, it will show you whether that domain name is available as a username for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Appstore, and Android Marketplace. This is a pretty neat feature, as most of the time we want to have domain names that we can setup as Facebook and Twitter pages as well. So, this solves that problem too.

NameBot Social Availability

My opinion About Namebot:

I find NameBot pretty interesting. I used it to actually search for a domain name for a keyword. I had been looking for a good domain name for that since quite some time, but was not able to find something that was available. However, after just spending a few minutes with NameBot, I was able to find lot of domain names that had my keyword, and I actually liked 6 of them! So, I find this tool practically useful. And the best part is that it is very fast and easy to use. If you like a domain name, you can also click on Buy Now button, and you will be redirected to a domain name registrar to buy your chosen domain name.

Go To NameBot.

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