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NameTumbler is a free domain suggestion tool that helps you finding a domain name related to the keyword that you have in mind. For example, if you want to register a domain name with keyword “software” in it, then this free domain name suggestion tool will help you do that. It will give various names that contain the word “software”. For each domain name, it will also tell whether the domain is already registered or not. In case the domain is not registered, it lets you register that domain name right there.

NameTumbler is one of the best domain name suggestion tools I have come across (and I have tried many, actually).

Whenever I try to register a new domain, the problem I face is that domain name is already booked by someone else. So, I have to try to come up with alternate domain names in the hope that those names are not registered yet. But most of the times, my alternatives are also registered. So, it does becomes a bit of a frustrating experience at times, to just register a domain name.

That is where this free domain suggestion tool comes handy.

To start with, you provide the keyword that you want to be present in your domain name. For example, if you want to register a domain name related to a software, then you can use “software” as the keyword. After that, you can select what should be added to that keyword to come up with alternative domain names. You can choose from options like Basic Words, Adjectives, Business Nouns, Computer Terms, etc. You can also choose whether the additional word should be added to the beginning of the keyword, or towards the end. Then you can specify the extension that you are interested in (like, .com, .net, etc.).


That’s it. Now click on “Check domains”, and see the magic. This free domain suggestion tool will generate lots of domain names that combine your keyword with additional words. For each, you’ll be able to see whether the domain name is already registered or not. When you find something good that is not registered, you can register it right there (or with any other domain name registrar).

Domain suggestions

What I like in this domain suggestion tool is that it is really easy to use, and very smart. Unlike other tools out there, it does not gives stupid suggestions, and lets you control what type of additional words should be added to your keyword.

Apart from that, results are also displayed in an intuitive manner.

So, if you are having a hard time finding a domain name that is not registered yet, give NameTumbler a try. This domain suggestion tool will probably find some nice domain names for you that are not registered yet.

And once you find the perfect domain name, you can choose free WordPress hosting, or some cheap hosting to setup your WordPress blog.

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