5 Free Websites To Learn Pronunciation Online

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to learn pronunciation online that can be used to learn to pronounce different English words and identify the different between words that sound similar. These websites contain rich vocabulary and use measures like video description, audios, images, to enable you to pronounce particular words and sentences. They can prove to be very helpful, especially for small kids.

The free websites to learn pronunciation online that I have reviewed in this article here are: Forvo, Learner’s Dictionary, Rachel’s English, Kindersay, and HowjSay.


Forvo-learn pronunciation online-icon

Forvo is the first website to learn pronunciation online. The website provides you with audio descriptions of different words to learn how to pronounce them. You have to begin by creating a free account, after which you can type the words you want to learn. The website has a very rich vocabulary and new words can be added by you also. It not only lets you learn pronunciation in English, but also in many other languages. You can learn to pronounce words in languages like Spanish, French, Japanese, and more. One final feature of this website is that you can learn to pronounce a single word in different accents. There are multiple audios for a single word, recorded by people of different accents.

Try Forvo here.

Learner’s Dictionary:

Learner's Dictionary

Learner’s dictionary is second in this list of websites to learn pronunciation. As you can judge from the name itself, this website is meant to teach you the meaning of different words and how to pronounce them. There are tons of words in this online dictionary and an audio for each and every word. On the homepage of website, you will find a search bar from where you can search for desired words. The website also has a feature called “word of the day”. One special word is chosen everyday and described in detail, along with its pronunciation. Learner’ Dictionary is a decent platform to begin with.

Try Learner’s Dictionary here.

Rachel’s English:

Rachel's English

Third in this list of websites to learn pronunciation online is Rachel’s English. The website focuses on teaching American English pronunciation and with the help of video tutorials. There are over 300 free video tutorials explaining how to pronounce vowels, consonants, difference between their sounds, and more. The website has two important tabs: Sounds and Pronunciation. In the Sounds tab, you will find videos for vowels, consonants, and more (mentioned above). Whereas, the Pronunciation tab provides videos on how pronounce certain words or phrases. These words and phrases are divided into different categories and you can choose from them. The only drawback in this website is that the vocabulary is limited and you cannot add new words.

Try Rachel’s English here.



Fourth website to learn pronunciation online is Kindersay. This website is specifically meant for kids and helps them to learn how to pronounce words that they can relate to. There are lots of English words divided in lots categories like Animals, Food, Movements, Shapes and colors, and more. You have to choose a category and then choose a particular word in it. There is a video and an image associated with every word that will help you in learning to pronounce that word and identify it. Other than learning to pronounce English words, you can also learn ABC and sign language on this website.

Try Kindersay Here.



This is the fifth and final website in this list, that can be used by you to learn pronunciation online. Howjsay is a very simple to use website where you can simply type a word and listen to its audio. The website has a very rich vocabulary and there are words from different languages globally. You can translate a particular word and also see its meaning by clicking on the provided options. To search a word, you have to type it in the search bar and then place the cursor on that word to hear the audio. The website not only teaches you how to pronounce particular words, but also includes lots of phrases and sentences.

Try Howjsay here.

Try out all these free websites to learn pronunciation online and learn to pronounce different words easily.

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