How To Find Your Tweets That Have Most Retweets

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This tutorial explains how to find your tweets that have most retweets.

Twitter has its native Analytics feature to have a look at your Twitter performance in detail. Still, it doesn’t come with an option to find the most retweets earned by your tweets. We can see top tweets based on the impressions. However, when we have to check for most retweeted tweets, we need to find out 3rd party sources. This tutorial has included some best free options using which you can easily find tweets that have most retweets.

Before starting, keep in mind that archived tweets are not counted to get the results. As Twitter has a limit to keep only 3200 tweets on the timeline, so archived tweets are excluded from the results.

Option 1: Find Most Retweeted Tweets of Any Twitter User:

This is a very simple yet really good service to check your top 10 most retweeted tweets. You can also check top tweets of celebrities or any other person. What you need to do is:

Step 1: Open My Top Tweet service, sign in with your Twitter account and authorize this service.

sign in to use service

Step 2: Now you have to enter the Twitter handle of any user in the available box and press enter. It will start the processing which takes a few seconds and then the result will be in front of you. You will see the list of top 10 tweets that are most retweeted by Twitter users.

top 10 tweets list will visible

You can also see the date and time, total number of likes, etc. The service doesn’t provide accurate retweets for some tweets, but result provided is satisfactory. A short link is also generated for the result which you can share with others. This service is indeed a good option you can try.

Update (26th Feb. 2017): This service has been discontinued.

You can also check these free tools to help you find best time to tweet.

Option 2: Find Your Tweets That Have Most Retweets Using My Best Tweets Website:

Another option to find most retweeted tweets is using My Best Tweets website. It is a free website that can help you fetch the top 3 tweets that have most retweets. However, there is one condition to get the best tweets. You must agree that this website will post the result on your Twitter timeline. If you agree, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the homepage of this website and sign in with your Twitter account.

Step 2: Select the option “Please post a tweet on my behalf“. It is a compulsory option. There is also another option to get further updates and support from this website, but you don’t have to select it.

check both options and click find button

Step 3: Click Find me my Best Tweet! button. After that, it will post the result with a short delay on your Twitter timeline. You will also get short links for each individual tweet.

view and copy your best tweets

Apart from that, you can also see the total number of retweets and likes for those tweets. You can copy the result and save. Once you have done that, you can also delete the tweet that was posted by this service on your behalf.

Option 3: Check The Tweets That Have Most Retweets Using Favstar.Fm Website: website is also a free option you can use. This website can show the top tweets with most retweets of you or any other user.

However, this free plan has one limitation. The first (top most) tweet is shown in a faded box and the website prompts you to sign up with the premium plan to unlock that tweet. Only the total number of retweets, likes, and twitter image (if available) are visible for that tweet. No content is visible for the top most tweet so you won’t be able to find which tweet it is. The rest of the tweets that have earned most retweets can be seen easily.

To use this website, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open its homepage and sign in.

Step 2: After signing in to your Twitter account using this website, its main interface will be in front of you. Here, you can go to Me section and then click “Best Of” option to check your most retweeted tweets. website to find most retweeted tweets

Apart from top retweeted tweets, you can also access the most liked, oldest, and newest tweets.

The Verdict:

So, you have three good options to find tweets with most retweets. However, based on the comparison, I would suggest you go with My Top Tweet service positioned at #1. It’s absolutely clear that this service is more useful and generates results without any limit and condition.

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