5 Free Jigsaw Puzzle Apps For iPhone

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In this article, I am going to tell you about 5 free jigsaw puzzle apps for iPhone. In jigsaw puzzle, you have to arrange the jumbled pieces of images to get the complete real image in the minimum possible time.

You can use these apps for killing some time when you are getting bored. The jigsaw puzzle apps can prove to be real entertainer while playing with your friends. Some of these apps also let you use your own images to create the jigsaw puzzle which ultimately adds up to the fun.

1. Jigty Jigsaw Puzzles:

Jigty Jigsaw Puzzles

The first jigsaw puzzle app for iPhone is Jigty Jigsaw Puzzle. This app is developed by Outfit 7, the developers of famous fun app Talking Friends Cartoons, Talking Tom and Ben News, etc. This jigsaw puzzle app for iPhone consists of various packs containing different numbers of puzzles with attractive interface. There are about 45 different jigsaw puzzles which you can solve in free version. The app lets you select the number of pieces in which you want to divide the image for creating the jigsaw puzzle. The app can be synced with your Facebook and Game Center account.

Get the Jigty Jigsaw Puzzles app here.

2. Jigsaw Jumble (Free):

Jigsaw Jumble (Free)

Jigsaw Jumble (Free) is a jigsaw puzzle app for iPhone which comes with 46 different puzzles for you to solve. The app displays the total number of jigsaw puzzles available including the number of puzzles which are unsolved. It can help you in checking that how many puzzles are left for solving. There is one extra feature of the app is that you can use your Facebook photos to create jigsaw puzzle and then solve it.

Get the Jigsaw Jumble (Free) app here.

3. Puzzle Me !!! Free:

Puzzle Me !!! Free

The third app in the list is Puzzle Me !!! Free. This app consists of 5 sets of jigsaw puzzles: Water, Underwater, Girls, Cars, and Dinosaurs. Each of this set contains different number of jigsaw puzzles which are absolutely free for you to solve. Before solving any puzzle, you can also select the difficulty level: Hard, Normal, Easy, and Very Easy. While solving the puzzles, this app also includes a hint option which you can use to get help if you are facing problems in solving the puzzle.

Get the Puzzle Me !!! Free app here.

4. Jigsaw Puzzle Free Game App:

Jigsaw Puzzle Free Game App

The Jigsaw Puzzle Free Game App is one of the easiest apps to play jigsaw puzzle. In this app, you have to create your own jigsaw puzzles to solve them. Before the start of the jigsaw puzzle, you have to select the number of pieces for the puzzles. After this, you can choose the image for the puzzle either from the Puzzle Library or from your iPhone Library/camera. When you have created the puzzle, you are ready to solve it.

Get the Jigsaw Puzzle Free Game App here.

5. Puzzles & Jigsaws:

Puzzles & Jigsaws

The last app in this list is Puzzles & Jigsaws. The app has 3 free collections of jigsaw puzzles for you: Free Collection, Christmas Collection, and Shared Collection. You can select any collection to start solving the puzzles. The app lets you set the difficulty level for puzzles and you can also rate them by giving stars. The Christmas Collection is required to be downloaded from within the app as it is locked by default.

Get the Puzzles & Jigsaws app here.

These were the 5 free jigsaw puzzle apps for iPhone. You can try and play any of them to kill time and to get some entertainment. Try these apps and share your experiences with us.

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