5 Free Anonymous Chat Websites

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Here is a list of 5 free anonymous chat websites. You can chat with your friends, family members, or complete strangers without revealing your identity.

Anonymous chat websites provide you with a platform to express yourselves without fearing for your identity being revealed. People often confine to themselves because they fear that others will make fun of them. With these websites that fear completely subsides. Such a website could also be used to discuss some serious and confidential issues that you do want to be associated with. Or you could simply land up on any such website for making some new friends. I have reviewed 5 platforms that can help you achieve all these and more purposes. Let us have a look.

The websites reviewed in this article are Zobe, OmniChat, 7CupsOfTea, Stranger, and Omegle.


anonymous chat websites

Zobe is the first website reviewed in this list of free anonymous chat websites. You can talk to your friends or strangers without creating any account or anything. All you have to do is decide a username for yourself, enter your age and start talking. There are two different panels on this website to chat. One panel is for general use where every online user can talk to others, whereas the other panel is for private chat with select users.

One interesting thing to remember here is that you need to have enough token and points to chat to a particular user. Every user has a particular sum of tokens & points that keep on increasing. If you wish to talk to them, you need to posses the same amount of tokens. Only users with same tokens & points can talk to each other. Don’t worry, there are enough activities to help you earn more and more tokens.


anonymous chat websites

OmniChat is a nice website to chat with other users of the website on various issues like politics, market, and more. There is no need to create any account and you can start using the website straightaway. The website has multiple chat rooms and each of them is dedicated to a different topic. You can pick up a chat room of your choice, conjure up a username and start chatting with other people. It’s as simple as that. However, there is one thing that the website could improve on; interface. It’s too dull and archaic for a chat website.


anonymous chat websites

7CupsOfTea is the next addition in this list of anonymous chat websites. This website is helpful if you are looking for random listeners who could listen and talk to you. Basically, the website has designated listeners who chat with you and listen to all that you have got to say. There are lots of listeners of different age and origin. You can also pick up a listener of your own choice or choose to become one. Although the website has the option of creating a free account, you can also chat as a guest, without revealing any personal information. Try it out from the link provided above.


anonymous chat websites

Stranger is the next website in this list of free anonymous chat websites. This is another interesting website that lets you talk to friends or strangers without revealing anything about yourself. There is no registration required. All you have to do is choose a username for yourself and start talking. The website will find you a random user with whom you can chat via texts. You can abandon the chat room whenever you want and the website will entirely remove your chat and username.



Omegle is the fifth and final website that I have included in this list of free anonymous chat websites. The website allows you to chat with your family members or strangers without going through any registration process. You can simply visit the link given above and start chatting in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is enter your interests, and select a chat option. Adding your interests will help the website find an appropriate user for you.

The website allows you to choose from two different chat options. You can either choose to chat via messages, or choose the option of video chat. Since you are keen on maintaining your anonymity, chat by message seems to be the perfect option.

Try out all these websites and find yourself a companion to talk to without revealing your identity. Do give us your valuable feedback.

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