5 Free Websites To Delete Old Tweets

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to delete old tweets from your Twitter account.

You may sometimes feel the need of wiping off all your previous tweets or some of your previous tweets for some reason. In that case, going through and deleting every single tweet one by one can be a very painful and time taking task.

These below mentioned websites eliminate all the hard work and help you delete old tweets quickly and swiftly. You just have to authorize the website to do the work for you and perform a couple of simple steps. Let us take a look at them.

The 5 websites reviewed here are TweetDeleter, tweet Delete, Delete Multiple Tweets, Dlttr, and TwitWipe.


delete old tweets

TweetDeleter is the first website in this list to delete old tweets from your account. The website has both paid and free versions; latter restricted to a few features only. But those few features are good enough to get the task at hand done. You can easily delete your tweets by authorizing the website to do it for you. You will have to enter your twitter account details in the website for this.

The free version of the website allows you to browse, find your tweets, and delete them. You can enter the keywords of the tweets you wish to delete, in the search bar, and then delete them in one go. The website also lists all your previous tweets and you can select the ones you wish to delete, or select all of them in one go; there is a select all button present on top. Once selected, hit the Delete Tweets button and you are done. It does not take much time to delete tweets.

Try it out from the link above.

tweet Delete:

delete old tweets

tweet Delete is my next free choice to delete old tweets from your account. It has a good-looking interface and an easy to understand procedure. Simply authorize the web app and start deleting your tweets easily. There is an option to select the time period for which you want to delete the tweets, that extends from one week to one year. All the tweets that are older than that time will be deleted by just one click. There is also a box to delete all the existing tweets of yours till now that you can tick. Once deleted, the tweets cannot be recovered again.

One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that the website deletes only up to 3200 tweets. This means you can delete only previous 3200 tweets, and anything beyond that stays intact. However, since Twitter itself does not provide any data for such old tweets on its site, the limit of 3200 seems to be fine.

Delete Multiple Tweets:

delete old tweets

Next in the line to delete old tweets is Delete Multiple Tweets. It comes with its own set of easy to use features and a simple looking interface. By default, the website displays your last 100 tweets in a queue and you can check the boxes against the ones you wish to delete. You can click on Delete the tweets permanently to delete the ones you have selected.

Other than the 100 tweets that are available by default, you can get more of your tweets displayed by selecting the number, highest number being 3200. There are options to select 1th tweet, 101th tweet, 201th tweet, and so on. Depending on the number you select next 100 tweets are displayed in the list below. So, go ahead and start deleting your old tweets.


delete old tweets

Dlttr is the penultimate website made available here to delete old tweets from your old Twitter account. It has a very interesting interface and a simple procedure to delete previous tweets. It allows you to delete tweets from previous hour or previous 24 hours. You just have to select the time limit and hit the Delete button. Everything else is done automatically. You can also choose to stop and prevent the tweets from being deleted, in case you have pressed the delete button by mistake.

Although the website allows you to delete tweets as old as 1 year, this feature has been reserved for pro users of the website. This is the only reason why I am a little apprehensive about the success of this site, because 24 hours time limit is just not enough, except for users who might have sent a lot of tweets in 24 hours.


delete old tweets

TwitWipe is the fifth and final website that you can use to delete old tweets for your Twitter account. It is a simple to use website, like all the other above mentioned websites. You just have to authorize this free web app and start wiping all your earlier tweets in one click. The website asks you twice before you start with the deleting process and also allows you to stop in between. At the end, it also shows you the number of tweets that have been deleted.

Despite its user-friendly, easy to use, helpful features, the reason I have put this website at 5th number is because of its slow speed. It takes a lot of time to delete your tweets. So make sure you have an ample amount of spare time to use this website.

Read the complete review here.

So, go ahead and try out all the above-mentioned websites to get rid of your old tweets and continue shooting some new ones. You can also shoot in a comment in the box given below.

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