Windows 8 Car Parking Game App Free: Parking Mania

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Parking Mania, is a free Windows 8 car parking game app. The game play of this Windows 8 game app is simple, park the cars and other vehicles. It’s all about your precision, control, skill, and how you tackle a problem. During the gameplay you’ll be given different vehicles of different sizes to park, with different objectives. The game has a total of 220 levels (which are the locations), and for a free version there are 20 levels, that you can play for. completing each level successfully grants with money, that you can use to buy additional lives. There will be obstacles that blocks your way, so park the vehicles without hitting any other vehicle or anything. And unlock the higher level and get to the highest score.

Parking Mania - main screen

Gameplay of this Windows 8 car parking game app:

Like I said above the game play of this game app is flat simple; to park vehicles! It’s one of those easy to learn but hard to master type of game. The game controls are very simple, up arrow key to accelerate, down arrow key to reverse, left arrow key to go left, and right arrow key to go right. And the main objective of the game is don’t hit any obstacles weather cars, trucks, sports cars, traffic cones etc. and park the vehicles without hitting any obstacles. So, that you can clear the level with flying stars and a medal. Along with the objectives you can also collect coins and one ups for life, which are scattered here and there in the locations.

Parking Mania - gameplay

A good thing about this Windows 8 car parking game app is, each level location is different form each other. So, the locations are not repeated at all, and hence the game gives you different difficulties, and different good environment to play. That is you’ll travel from parking lots, through city streets and highways; all with random automatically controlled traffic.

Parking Mania - levels

Each level comes with different objectives. Some times you have to just park one car, and at other times two or more different cars, and some times even trucks. Some times you’ll be asked to cross the road with a high rush traffic. And at times, you’ll be given specific directions that you have to follow. The game is in 2D, and is shown from top camera view. The graphics and sound are pretty good. But it’s the game controls that I liked the most. The game controls are very fluid, making the car difficult to handle. There’s a very good synchronization between the control keys and the cars movements. Also the game difficulty that does the magic for this Windows 8 car parking game.

For each level, you’ll get 5 lives. Each time you hit something; one life gets reduced. But that is only applicable if you hit the road pavements and a car in your side of lane. If you hit any car of the wrong side lane, the game ends at the very moment, even if you are having lives, and the game starts from the beginning of the current level. This is the same if you’ve used up all your lives in a particular level.

Following is a screenshot of the level results:

Parking Mania - level result

There’s no time limit, to complete a level, so you can take all your time and finish the level, the right way. So, try it, test it, and if you liked it then you can always unlock the higher levels by spending few bucks. Which is what I think is worth.

Key features of this Windows 8 car parking game app:

  • Simple and easy game rule and controls.
  • Park different vehicles in each level.
  • Lots of obstacles to avoid.
  • Different locations with different difficulty.
  • Really fluid game controls.
  • Good gameplay.

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Final Note:

Parking Mania, sure is a good Windows 8 car parking game app. It’s fun, addictive, doesn’t requires rocket science knowledge to play, but simply your driving skills, style and precision. Although the latter levels are paid, still the free levels are equally good and interesting. All in all a good free Windows 8 game app to try. You can download this game from the Games Category in Windows Store, or click here.

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