Free Zombie Game App For Windows 8: Zombies Can’t Jump

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“Zombies Cant Jump” is a free survival and adventure zombie game app for Windows 8. In this game, you play with two players simultaneously (you control both of them). You have to kill zombies and save your player from them.

Name of the game is “Zombies Can’t Jump”, and this is the entire premise of the game as well. You have to build Crate (box), that save you from zombies, because, Zombies Can’t Jump. You can stand on it and start killing the zombies. There are many types of weapons you can use to kill the zombies. When all zombies are killed, the level is cleared. Each cleared level unlocks the next the level.Zombies Can't Jump - Winsow 8 Zombie Game

Gameplay of This Zombie Game App for Windows 8

Start the game and click on “Play Story”. The game is very simple and exciting. Your players are standing in the middle of the screen. The zombies are attacking them from both sides of the screen and trying to kill them. If any of your player gets caught by zombie, you game is over. You can kill zombie by selecting a side; the players will start shooting automatically.

Zombies Can't Jump - Start Screen

To prevent yourself from Zombies, create Crates. You can create up to 3 Crates of wood and steel, one above the other. You can create Crate by first clicking on the “Hammer” button and then on the “Crate” button while playing.

Zombies Can't Jump - Building Crate

The Zombies will try to break the Crates and then try to kill you. And You have to kill the zombies by your weapons before they attack on you. You can continue creating Crates if Crate(s) are broken by zombies.

The process continues until you complete the level or Zombies kill you.

There are up to 6 different type of zombies that you have to kill. Some of them get easily killed, and some take time to get killed.

Zombies Can't Jump - Gameplay

Killing the zombies and creating Crates will score survival points. You can unlock 15 weapons and items with these survival points. For example, you can get steel crates, instead of wooden crates, with these points. Some of the weapons that you can get are: Auto Rifle, Uzi, spiked ball, etc.

Zombies Can't Jump - levels

Killing all the zombies in a level will unlock the next level and weapons. You can unlock and play up to 20 levels. Each level gets harder than the previous one, which makes the game even more exciting.

The game also provides two challenging survival modes: “Heroic Stand” and “From Dusk Till Down”. You have to unlock them. In Heroic Stand, you have to kill as many zombies as you can. From Dusk Till Dawn, you have to survive the whole night fighting against zombies. Zombies Can't Jump - Achievements

The game also provide 20 achievements to make the game even more exciting. To achieve them, you have to clear tasks during the gameplay.

Other Features of This Zombie Game app for Windows 8

  • It is a beautifully animated game with very nice graphics.
  • It is a clean, ad-free, and small game app whose size is 10 MB only.
  • The game music also is very good.

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My Opinion About This Zombie Game:

I enjoyed this game a lot, it was a real fun to play it. The game has nice graphics and lot of fun.

Get Zombies Cant Jump Game for Windows 8 here.

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