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VaultletSuite 2 Go is a set of free security applications which you can use in order to filter spam and phishing scams, prevent them from ever reaching your mailbox, but not only that, you can also use it to secure and encrypt data on USB thumb drives or even on online storage services like Dropbox. To do all of this you get several different programs inside Vaultlet 2 Go, VaultletMail, VaultletFiler, PasswordValet and a main control application where you can keep an eye on everything that’s going on.

Vaultlet 2 Go default window

Before you’ll be able to see the windows of the main applications, you’re first gonna have to register with VaultletSoft website where you will also be granted a free email, which is gonna be used with the VaultletMail application. You will use this same email in order to access all the other services which are offered in the VaultletSuite 2 Go. Some of the more interesting features that VaultletSuite has would be:

  • Strong protection for your account and data with 256 AES encryption
  • Protection for your passwords with PasswordValet
  • File manager for simple file and document encryption
  • Email client for the free email that you get with the VaultletSoft website
  • Password protection of the entire application

Protection is very important, there are a lot of dangers out there which would like to intrude on our privacy and collect important information that we have stored either on our computers or on online email accounts. In both of these situations you can easily increase your protection by using the VaultletSuite 2 Go.

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How to protect you privacy and encrypt data with VaultletSuite

Right after you install the application you will have to register a free account which is gonna be used to access your email and the application itself.

Vaultlet 2 Go registering account

First thing which is gonna open up will be the email client. You don’t have to do any kind of configuring, email account will be created and ready right away. To receive emails from your existing emails to VaulletMail, it’s best that you setup forwarding, which is offered by majority of big email providers.

Vaultlet 2 Go data encryption

Data encryption can be accessed by selecting it from the main control window. To protect files you’re gonna have to import them into the application by clicking on the Import button at the top. It will immediately become encrypted, notice the extension change.

Vaultlet 2 Go password protection

To add passwords to the free password wallet that PasswordValet offers you’re gonna have to click on the New button and write in the information. It’s gonna be hidden while your browsing so that it’s not accidentally viewed by people while you’re browsing your information.


If you’re interested in increasing the protection of your emails, passwords and files and documents, then VaultletSuite is the thing for you. There’s 3 different applications which you can use to increase the security of your private information, and you even get to have a free email account which you can continue using or reroute emails from other accounts to it. Download and register for free.

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