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Wantworthy is a Chrome app for creating a shopping list that lets you bookmark the items that you want to buy later. When you browse shopping sites and come across items that you like but don’t want to buy at that time, you can bookmark such items using Wantworthy. Later when you are ready to buy the item, you can come back to Wantworthy and purchase the item from original site.

Now, there are lot of ways to bookmark any webpage. So, why Wantworthy? Well, Wantworthy is specially customized for bookmarking items that you want to shop. For that, it lets you create various categories of items and bookmark your items in one of those categories. In addition, you can store supplemental information about the items, like, brand, price, even photo of the item. So, whenever you go back to Wantworthy, you will get a nice overview of all the items that you want to purchase at sometime, without a need to go through all your bookmarked sites. This app would make your online shopping experience easier and smarter.

Below is a screenshot of the interface of Wantworthy.

Wantworthy 01-app for shopping list

Installing Wantworthy in Chrome:

Installing Wantworthy is simple. Go to the link at the end of the article or search for the app in Chrome webstore and add it. You will be able to see an icon of Wantworthy in new tab page of Chrome. Now, you need to click on that icon and drag it to bookmark bar of Chrome. Then you will be able to see a bookmark called “+WANT” in bookmark bar of Chrome.

Wantworthy 02-app for shopping list

Adding Shopping Items In Wantworthy:

I am sure when you browse through the online shopping portals, there are many items which you wish you could buy but do not want to buy at that time. So instead of getting disappointed all you need to do is add it in Wantworthy. Well, bookmarking so many sites is not a feasible option and it will eventually get confusing and messy. You would have definitely faced this problem if you are an ardent online shopping customer. With Wantworthy you can add a particular product in your list by just clicking the Want button in bookmark bar. This way you won’t have to bookmark the whole page, just the product you like.

Whenever you are on a shopping site, and you come across an item that you want to buy, just click on the Want button. This will open a small popup window on the right side. The window will show name of the site which you are on, photo of the item that you are looking at, and brief description of the item. In addition, you can fill in more details, like, price etc. That’s it. Now, you have saved that item in WantWorthy.

Below is a screenshot of the box which will appear once you choose to add it in your list.

Wantworthy 03-app for shopping list

In this manner, you can keep bookmarking items that you want to buy. Anytime later, you can just go to Wantworthy, and see all the items that you had bookmarked (see first screenshot of this post). Just click on “Buy” button next to any item that you want to purchase, and you will be redirected to the original site.

Features of This Wantworthy App for Shopping List:

  • Neat and organized display of all items.
  • You can see your items from the categories like clothing, accessories, gadgets etc.
  • You can also see items by store, like, eBay, Amazon, Overstock, etc.
  • You have the option to put it under a group category too.
  • The interface is simple but the visualization is great.
  • You can find your friends on Wantworthy and add them. You would be able to see their shopping list and you can thus compare it with yours.
  • You have to login through Facebook or Wantworthy Id.
  • You can share your list through Facebook with your friends.


I found Wantworthy a very useful app. Being an online shopper myself,  I always wished I could organize my shopping list neatly and keep a track of my purchases. One feature that I really missed in this app is price comparison. When I add an item in this, it should do some sort of price comparison to show me other websites on which that item is available for cheap. That would have been a killer feature. I hope WantWorthy adds that sometime in future.

This app will surely make your shopping experience smoother and simpler.

Use it and see how it works for you. You can get the app from here!

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