5 Free Price Comparison Plugins For Firefox

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Here, are 5 free price comparison plugins for Firefox.

Online shopping has become a boon these days and many websites are offering best deals on various products. These deals include great discounts on different items like electronics, gadgets, furniture, crockery, clothing, accessories, cosmetics, and branded apparel. While you look for exciting deals online, you certainly become keen to compare the price difference of same product offered on different online shopping stores. It might be a time-consuming task for you to open each website individually, search for the product there, and manually compare the price difference.

To provide you with an ease of comparing prices online, we have found some really useful  Firefox plugins, which not only provides an efficient way to compare prices online, but also helps in finding the best price offered for a selected product.


ciuvo price comparison interface

Ciuvo is a free Firefox plugin which helps in finding the best online deal. It gets active as soon as you visit some online shopping website and analyze the selected product in background. It then collects price related information of the product from other online shopping websites and displays the price comparison in a separate toolbar on your web browser. You can easily do a price comparison and find which website is currently offering the best deal on the selected product.  Apart from that, Ciuvo also shows additional information like the advertisement videos for the product, customer reviews, and other offers, which you can easily view by mouse hovering on the appropriate category in Ciuvo toolbar.

Ciuvo is also available as an extension for other web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google chrome, Apple Safari, and Opera. Ciuvo doesn’t gets active on all the online shopping websites, but supports many of them, the list of which you can find here.

Click here to download Ciuvo.

Product Bee:

product bee interface

Product Bee is another free, price comparison Firefox plugin that helps you to get the best price of a product, available online. Once you visit an online shopping website, it automatically displays a list  of online prices of the same product, available on different online shopping stores across the web. Along with that, it shows related information like product videos, pictures, customer reviews, and much more. Product Bee works in background and remains hidden until it finds relevant information. Once it finds the product information on different websites, it displays the list of prices, including the shipping charges. This way, you get the “actual online price” offered in the deal.

Product Bee also shows money-saving coupons that you get on shopping from your favorite retailer. You can avail these coupons on your future purchases to save more money. Product Bee is currently available for US stores and shows the price comparison in US dollars. More stores are supposed to be added soon. It works with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Internet Explorer.

Click here to download Product Bee.


priceblink interface

PriceBlink is a free Firefox add-on for automatic price comparison. When you visit some online shopping store, PriceBlink automatically scans thousands of other online shopping websites for lower prices, and displays them on the same page. It also displays the shipping charges along with the price list, so that you can get the actual idea of how much the product will cost you, in total. Apart from that, it provides alerts for free shipping codes and  money-saving coupons for every site that you visit.

PriceBlink has been awarded as the best Browser add-on in About.com 2012 Reader’s Choice award. Currently, PriceBlink supports US retailers only. However, the makers have said that price comparisons for more retailers will be added soon. You can check all supported stores listing here. PriceBlink is available in separate versions for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Internet Explorer, and iPad.

Click here to download PriceBlink.

Window Shopper:

windows shopper interface

Window Shopper is a free Firefox plugin that instantly compare prices of any product on different online shopping websites. Window Shopper provides a different approach of online price comparison for different products. It does real-time scanning of all supported online stores to generate a list of best deals available on a product that you search. It then displays relevant offers, along with the product images, and allows you to make visual comparison among those products. After installation, it shows a “See Similar” icon besides the product image which you need to click to find more deals on the product. You can get the icon on mouse hovering over the product’s image. Window Shopper also displays hot deals, coupons, and other offers on similar products.

Window Shopper works with online shopping stores in US, UK, France, Australia, Germany, and Canada. It searches for hot selling products on more than 50,000 online stores worldwide, including Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, Newegg, Nordstorm, Macys, Overstock, Target, Staples, and Wal-mart. Window Shopper is still in its Beta phase of development and is currently available for Mozilla Firefox only.

Click here to download Window Shopper.

Invisible Hand:

invisible hand interface

Invisible Hand, is an amazing Firefox add-on that not only provides price comparison facility for different products available online, but also allows you to find the cheapest flights, hotels, and rental cars you are searching for. With Invisible Hand, you can get one click review for the product that you are browsing. It does real-time price scanning and refreshes the result every time you visit the website. However, it keeps itself hidden if it doesn’t find any deals for the selected product.

Sadly, Invisible Hand currently don’t compare mobile phone prices. But it supports a lot of other hot selling products including Books, Electronic Accessories , Beauty products, Cosmetics , Game Consoles, Laptops and desktops, Pharmaceuticals , Video games (PC, Mac, PSP, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, Xbox), Chargers & Batteries, Headphones, Audio Systems, Toys , and much more!

Invisible Hand currently supports 3 countries (US, UK, and Germany), 746 retailers, and 589 airlines. You can get the full list of supported retailers and airlines here.

Click here to download Invisible Hand.

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