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SlimBoat is a fast, secure, and free web browser designed for Linux, Windows, and Mac which is based on the QT Webkit. The main focus of SlimBoat is to provide the user by default with the kind of experience for which you’d normally need to have a bunch of plugins installed in other browsers. Of course, speed and security are also very important part of this free web browser, next to the more friendlier out of the box experience that it has to offer.

SlimBoat free web browser default window

Image above shows us the default interface of SlimBoat and you can see right away what we were referring to when we said that SlimBoat comes packed with options. Notice at the top that the classic menu is rich with options and down below you have by default toolbars for eBay, Amazon, Facebook and a little further down below at the bottom you can see that several frequently visited websites are preloaded by default. Here’s a quick overview of the most important features that SlimBoat has to offer.

Block ads, Images, Scripts, and Java Without Additional Plugins:

SlimBoat ad image script blocker

One of the things that’s very useful to have installed on your web browser would definitely be an ad blocker, image blocker, and every other kind of blocker that you can think of. With SlimBoat you get that by default. Access them by clicking on Tools and there look for Ad Blocker and Download Control.

Create Website Groups and then Open them all at Once:

SlimBoat groups website

Most of us have favorite website that we visit frequently, and the more we browse the web that list of website narrows down to just a few. If you want to access those few websites quickly, you can do that easily with the groups feature of SlimBoat. Website can be added to groups and then all the websites from that group can be quickly opened, each in its own tab.

Automatic Form Filler to Fill Website Forms Automatically:

SlimBoat quick fill forms

Now, this is something which is useful for users who fill out a lot of forms online. With SlimBoat you get automatic form filler, which is gonna automatically fill out registration forms and any other type of form that you might come across.

Popular Website Integration into the Free Web Browser:

SlimBoat Facebook sharing

See image above to get a better idea of what we’re talking about. The Facebook button which you can see is used to quickly share web pages that you come across with your friends on social networks. Same thing is available for Twitter, Google Plus, and so on.


SlimBoat is a very useful tool for all those who are using a lot of different plugins in their browsers, which have to be installed after a fresh installation of the web browser. We didn’t even mention all of the useful built-in features that are available and are being distributed with this free web browser. It can be used regardless of the operating system that you use, because all the major operating systems are supported, both 32bit and 64bit. You may also check out some lesser known browsers reviewed by us.

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