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Service Desk Lite is free service management software to manage complaints, contracts, and employee information of an organization. Service Desk Lite lets you add information like contract number, contact information, type of complaint, date, and remarks etc. and save it in the form of a database.

I really like using Service Desk Lite as it lets you keep track of all the data organized into different categories under complaints, contracts, employees, in which you can keep track of complaints from customers, contacts, and employee details. It is really easy to browse to any of the contact and view the data associated with it, edit it and save it anytime. The new edited information is saved on the current database.

Also, Service Desk Lite lets you keep backup of the database on local storage. You can save the database, restore it, edit it using Service Desk Lite anytime. Note that you need to set up the backup path only once, after that Service Desk Lite will save the backup on that path only.

Below I have posted an screenshot in which you can see the different contracts information that I have added in Service Desk Lite.

Note that this version of Service Desk Lite service management software is valid till DEC 2014. After that you might need to get new version from Service Desk Lite website (link provided at the end of the article).

Working with Service Management Software Service Desk Lite:

Service Desk Lite is very straight forward and simple to use. From the user interface you can browse to add Contracts, Complaints, and Organization information.

I also like that you have the option to search for the contacts. The search is instant and works well. It is helpful when you need to search for a particular item from hundreds of items. You can add filters to the search like name, contact information, serial number, and lots more.

Adding Contracts:

Service Desk Lite lets you add and manage contracts. I like that you have lots of options to add information for the contracts. The contracts can be edited anytime for: Contract number, date added, name, type of contract, and lots more.

Complaint Management:

The complaint management lets you add complaints from customers and keep track of them. Again, you have lots of options to add the information for the complaint list. You can add data to complaints assigned to employees.

I really like that you have the option to export the data to an Excel sheet in Complaint Management. With just one click of a button all the database for the complaint is exported to the Excel Sheet. This feature worked good for me.

If you have an organization and you want to create a database of the Employees details and manage it then also, you can do it by using the Organization option.

Features of Software Service Desk Lite:

  • Very simple to use.
  • Manage database for Contracts, complaints, and employees of an organization.
  • Option to Assign complaint to employees and complaint closure.
  • Option to search in the database using filters.
  • Option to export the database to an excel sheet in Complaint management.
  • Create as many backups as required on local storage anytime.
  • Two different types of contract management: AMC and warranty.
  • Predefined complaint types and option to create complaint type.

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Service Desk Lite is very simple service management software to work with. I really like the option to create and save the databse for contracts, complaints, and organization. Though I missed the option to export the data into Excel for the Contracts and Organization.  Still I liked working with Service Desk Lite.

Go ahead and try out Service Desk Lite.

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