Free Game from MIT Game Lab: A Slower Speed Of Light

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A Slower Speed Of Light is a free game in which you can navigate in 3D field collecting orbs. The purpose of this game is to blend in the laws of physics and create an interactive game play using them. This game comes from MIT Game Lab, and has been made to help you understand Special Relativity.

A Slower Speed Of Light makes the speed of light slow (in the game play) and approach to your speed of travel, to make you see the relativistic behaviour of the objects around you.

Before we proceed further, it is worth watching this official video about this game:

What makes A Slower Speed Of Light really good is that as you roam in 3D space collecting orbs, the relativistic colors of the surroundings change accordingly. The change in colors alter the difficulty level of the game.

I have mentioned about the laws of physics that make the speed of light slow and comparable to your travelling speed. The laws of physics include Doppler Effect, Searchlight Effect, Lorentz transformation, Time Dilation, and Runtime effect. You need not get confused with all of these terms, I have explained about some of them later in this article.

I have tested A Slower Speed Of Light in Windows 7 and it worked well for me.

Note that the gameplay can have really extreme variation in colors. So, you might have headaches.

Working With A Slower Speed Of Light:

A Slower Speed Of Light is very simple to use and all you have to do is collect a total of 100 orbs. The more orbs you collect, the slower the speed of light becomes, and it becomes more difficult to collect orbs. You can roam around in 3D field collecting orbs passing from one field to another. The gameplay ends when you are done collecting all 100 orbs. Below I have posted an image in which you can see the working of A Slower Speed Of Light.

As I have mentioned about the various laws of physics that work in A Slower Speed Of Light, here is a brief description about some of them:

  • Doppler Effect: In this effect, you can see the shifting of visible light’s red and blue region.
  • Searchlight Effect: In this effect the brightness is increased in direction of travel.
  • Lorentz transformation: In this effect the space is wrapped when the travel is reached near the speed of light.
  • Runtime Effect: In this effect you can see the objects as they were in the past. 

I like that the spectrum variation of light can be seen on the bottom part of the screen.  You can also see the Doppler effect working by seeing the variation in the light’s spectrum.

Features of A Slower Speed Of Light:

  • Very simple to use.
  • Very high rate of change of colors.
  • Difficulty increases as you progress in the game.
  • No registration required.
  • Speed of light is slowed down to approach your speed.
  • Controlling the movement and travel gets difficult with speed.


A Slower Speed Of Light very simple to use. I really like the option to collect orbs and the difficulty is not limited to any stage, rather it depends on the speed with which you travel in the 3D field. However, be cautious before you play the game as the extreme change in colors can be problematic. Overall I like playing A Slower Speed Of Light.

Get A Slower Speed Of Light here.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 5 Average: 4.4]
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