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Xinorbis is a free hard disk analyzer software. Xinorbis shows the file distribution on your hard drive in tree form. It also visually shows the file distribution using graphs and tables. Unlike other hard disk analyzer software, Xinorbis lets you scan complete hard drive or even network drives.

Xinorbis is extremely simple to use. You start by specifying which drives you want to scan, and Xinorbis will show you the results of scan in a tree and graph form.


One of the really interesting features off Xinorbis is that it can show folder history. You can see how did the folder change over a period of time.

Xinorbis also comes with a built-in duplicate file finder. Xinorbis also lets you search for files with the built-in file search engine, so you do not need to use other free desktop search engine.

You can choose to install Xinorbis on hard drive, or you and you can install Xinorbis on your USB drive and run it as a portable software.

Xinorbis lets you generate custom reports of your disk and file usage so that you can narrow down the biggest files that are occupying most of your hard drive space. This helps you in the removing those biggest files from your hard drive, and save some hard drive space.

Xinorbis is quite easy to use and one of the most advanced hard disk analyzer software that we have come across. Xinorbis is completely free for both home as well as professional users. Other free drive space analyzers that you can try are OverDisk, and Disk Space Fan.

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