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Disk Space Fan is a free disk space analysis software for Windows. It assists you in freeing up valuable disk space by providing you statistics about the amount of space taken by each folder and all files stored on disks.

Disk Space Fan shows the directory structure in form of a nice graphical chart to make it easier for browsing the folders and sub-folders on the drives. This is quite different than other free disk space analysis tools. For example, SpaceSniffer shows the biggest folders visually by their size, while Free Disk Space Usage Analyzer just lists them in the order of size.

Folders can easily be navigated to using this chart. Once you are aware of the big files that occupy the most space on your disk and find them useless, you can easily delete them and free up precious disk space.

This free disk analysis application is an intuitive tool that enables you to identify and locate big folders which you may find useless and may want to delete them. On the other hand, such folders may even be important and useful and you may want to backup important files, or to store them on a separate drive.

It displays all the basic statistical information about hard drive capacity and its usage. It also displays the available free space to give you a clear idea of the space resources available. All these statistics are available to you just after an initial scan. You can browse and locate individual files if you wish, easily.

Disk Space Fan has a left panel that displays the list of folders which can be clicked upon and this presents you a graphical structure in the right panel. You can double click any item and details of the files contained therein are focused. It also gives you a right click menu with options to go back to the parent folder, to open folders and browse to any location. Other functions include seeing the properties, previewing the images or deleting them.

This free disk analysis tool can easily be integrated with Windows Explorer to facilitate common functionality such as opening, deleting and browsing the files or folders. If you want to analyze disk space quickly, Disk Space Fan will not let you down and you will soon become a fan of this handy tool.

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