Free DNS Changer to Switch DNS Based on Network Adapter, IP Range

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DNS Roaming is a free open source DNS changer software for Windows to switch DNS based on rules. Here it can switch DNS when network adapter changes, network name changes, and when you are assigned a specific IP range. Ir runs in the background and wait for network or IP to change to apply the rules, It supports popular secure DNS servers already such as Cloudflare DNS, Google, Quad9, etc. But you can add a custom DNS server as well for it to switch.

You can define multiple DNS switching rules and it will work accordingly. It runs as a Windows service and offers a simple UI through system tray for configuration. It even generates log files for the DNS switch operations for both; client and the service. You can audit the logs anytime and find out what DNS server was set at what time.

If you often use multiple network to connect to the Internet, then you will like this software here. Multiple network may require different configurations for DNS and since manually changing DNS again and again can be exhausting, you can rely on this simple, lightweight software to get that job done. You only have to define the rules and it will do the heavy lifting on its own without involving a user intervention.

DNS Changer to Switch DNS Based on Network Adapter, IP Range

Free DNS Changer to Switch DNS Based on Network Adapter, IP Range

Download the software from here and then install it. Next, you will find its icon in the system tray and from there you can right-click on it to see the available options.

DNS Roaming in System Tray

You simply start by creating the DNS switching rules. So, just click on Settings and then start adding the rules. The first thing to choose is network type. Or, if you want to switch DNS based on specific network name, then you can configure it here. Similarly, you can define IP ranges if you want it to activate a specific DNS based on that. Finally, you specify the DNS server to switch to by selecting it from the dropdown.

DNS Roaming Rules

If you want to specify a custom DNS server instead, then it lets you do that as well.

DNS Roaming Custom DNS

You can create as many rules you want and save them all in the software.

DNS Roaming Rules Created

Now, you can just let it run in the background and it will keep changing the DNS based on the rules that you have specified. For example, consider my case in which I have set my Wi-Fi connection to always have Cloudflare DNS.

DNS Roaming DNS Changed

There is client and server log files as well. You can access the log from its system tray icon and see the log of DNS switching operations. The log files shows fate time of each operation that it has executed.

DNS Roaming Logs

This way, you can use this simple and powerful DNS switcher on Windows. It worked perfect on my Windows 11 PC, and should work on Windows 10 and other supported Windows versions. This entire tool is open source and if you are interested in its code then you can find that in this GitHub repository.

Final words:

If you are looking for a rule based DNS changer, then you are at the right place. There are many DNS changer software out there, but they don’t offer the conditions for DNS switching as DNS Roaming tool here offers. It works as intended and if you often need different DNS for different network then you can give it a try and let us know what you think.

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