Alarm Clock App That Won’t Stop Until You Scan a Barcode [iPhone]

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Barcode Alarm┬áis a free alarm clock app for iPhone that won’t stop until you scan a barcode. No more snooze or stopping the alarm, as it doesn’t stop before you scan a barcode. Sometimes, what we all do is stop the alarm and continue to sleep, but this app makes sure that you don’t get to sleep again. No more worries about missing exercises, office, etc., as you can use this app to ensure that you wake up on time.

Similar to other alarm clock apps for iPhone such as Wakie, Rise & Shine, and more, this one also comes with a pretty interesting and fun concept to wake you up. For example, while setting an alarm, you can scan the barcode of your toothpaste. Such that when the alarm starts ringing, you have to scan the same barcode in order to stop it. The other features include set multiple alarms, set any object with a barcode, lock alarm to restrict modification, and dozens of ringtones.

main screenshot

How to Set Alarm and Stop It by Scanning Barcode:

Step 1: Simply install the app and set your alarm by scanning a barcode. All you have to do is tap the “+” button at the top of the main screen.

Step 2: It will ask you to enter alarm name, set time, scan a barcode, and choose a ringtone for the alarm as shown below.

set alarm

Step 3: When you tap the “Scan a barcode” option, it will open up the built-in camera using which you can scan the barcode. As soon as it captures the barcode, the alarm will be automatically set.

scan barcode

Step 4: As we have already discussed, that it offers dozens of free ringtones which you can use while setting the alarms. Different types of ringtones are available such as the robot, siren, classic, effective, and much more.


Step 5: All the alarms that you have set will be visible on the main screen. You can use the slider button to enable or disable the alarms. Below the slider button, you will see a lock icon using which you can lock the alarm such that no modification can be done before it rings.

alarm clock app

Step 6: When the alarm starts, simply tap the alarm notification and scan the barcode to stop. Remember, you need to scan the barcode to get rid of irritating alarm ringtones.

My Final Verdict:

Barcode Alarm is a fun alarm clock app for iPhone that won’t stop ringing until you scan a barcode. Sounds interesting, isn’t it. It is a simple app but it makes sure that you don’t have the options to snooze or silent the alarm. In short, it ensures that you wake up on time for work. Give this app a try.

Get this app from the link here.

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