5 Free Alarm Clock Apps For iPhone

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Here are 5 Alarm Clock Apps for iPhone which will surely help you in getting up in time in the morning. These alarm clock apps let you set multiple alarms, set recurring alarms for different days of the week and some also let you give name to alarms.

Today I have chosen a few Alarm Clocks Apps for your iPhone which provide a better experience than default alarm clock app that comes with iPhone. The Alarm Clock Apps I have chosen for you are: Brrrr Alarm, The Clocks, Uniqlo Wake  Up, Red Clock Free, and Xtreme Alarm Clock. Let us see what each Alarm Clock holds for you, and how are they different from each other.

Brrrr Alarm Clock App For iPhone:

Brrrr Alarm Clock

The first alarm clock app for iPhone I have picked is, Burr Alarm. This app is very simple and easy to use,with an easy to understand layout. This alarm app lets you set as many alarms as you want, and all these alarms can be set on recurring basic. You can also choose the days of the week on which you want this alarm app to wake you up in the morning. Brrrr alarm app also gives you many snooze options for your alarm. But the best thing about this app is that you can also add tag with the alarm. This tag will remind you about the task related to the alarm you have added for yourself.

Get Brrrr Alarm from here.

The Clocks:

The clocks

The Clocks is another alarm clock app for iPhone with a beautiful layout. The Clocks app lets you add up to 5 alarms for yourself. You can also choose the days and the type of  music for the alarm. This app also allows to add the music to your alarm from your library. With this app you can also see time from 6 different cities of the world. You can choose to change the cities of the world.

To add an alarm, double tap on the lower half of the screen and to see time from different cities of the world double tap on the upper portion of the screen.

This app has many customization features like you can switch between the Analog and Digital clocks just by swapping the screen left or right. You can also change the location of the clock and change the size of the clock by using two finger drag.

You can also adjust the brightness of the alarm clock by moving your finger up and down across the screen.

To see other clock setting in this alarm clock app just tap once on the home screen of The Clocks.

Get The Clocks here.

Uniqlo Wake Up Alarm:


Uniqlo Wake Alarm is another free alarm Clock App for iPhone. This alarm app shows you time in very beautiful manner, with live weather status, and with colorful transition effects. With this app you can add only one alarm with snooze time. But this app does not gives you settings to repeat the alarm on your selected days. The alarm rings with a very nice animation effect and nice sound which will be according to the weather in your city. The alarm tone will keep ringing until you wake up.

You can also see the time in different cities of the world with the help of this app. Everything about this app is fantastic except one thing that that you can set only one alarm at a time and the alarm tone is very low.

Get Uniqlo Wake Up Alarm here.

Red Clock Free:

Red Clock Free

Red Clock Free is a nice alarm clock app for iPhone. As the name says, this alarm clock app comes in Red color, which is its basic or default color. This app allows you to add only one alarm, and it gives you no snooze or recurring settings.

You can also change its Default red color to other colors, you can also choose to set the weather information on the home page of the app. And there are several other changes which you can make to customize your Alarm Clock.

You will see some ads on the home page of this app, which make this alarm clock app Free. But if you don’t want to see ads on the app page then you can buy its paid version will will cost you $0.99.

Get Red Clock Free here.

XtremeMac Alarm Clock:

XtremeMac Alarm Clock

XteremMac Alarm Clock app is another nice alarm clock app for iPhone. With this alarm app you can add only two alarms for yourself. Here you can modify your alarm setting according to your requirements. You can change the snooze and repeat setting for your alarm. You can also add a note as a reminder related to the alarm. You can also choose the music for your alarm.

XteremMac Alarm Clock app also offers you other services like sleep or nap timer. And you can also choose to change the background of your alarm clock.

Get XtremeMac Alarm Clock here.

These are the few of the alarm clock apps for iPhone which you can use to wake you up in time. All Apps I have hand-picked for you are very easy to use. Some of the apps may have some paid features as well, but the free version is pretty good too. Try out these alarm clock apps for iPhone and share your experience in comments below.

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