Tynker for iPad: Help Kids Learn Coding Through Visual Coding Blocks

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Tynker is a free application for iPad that helps children to learn basic coding skills. In this application children are given the visual coding blocks which can help them in the development of logic required for programming. The code blocks become more and more complex with every level you pass. The visual code blocks are given as a challenge.

For example the level one is puppy adventure. The family leaves the dog and dog has to bark to alert them. A kid has to join ‘bark’ visual codes accordingly to solve the problem. The scoring pattern is good old stars in which 3 stars are the best and 1 star is the worst score.


Features of Tynker:-

Tynker is designed for kids particularly which means you can expect a flashy interface with cartoon characters. So is the case with this application. Interface is such that it suites and catches the interest of the toddlers.

  • There are repeat basic blocks like bark, run, jump to teach kids how to apply basic coding skills.


  • A child has to count the number of runs, jumps etc required to reach the destination. This can be done with the help of landmarks on the floor.
  • There are some complex blocks as well like repeat. The repeat block is supposed to teach a child how to use the loops in actual coding. In repeat block child can enter other basic blocks and choose the number of times he/she wants to repeat it. This way a child can learn the usage of ‘for loop’ in almost all the coding languages.
  • The challenges featured in the Tynker are such that a child has full attention towards them. For example, the puppy has to avoid hitting the pumpkins and reach the baseball cap. This is organised in the form of a repeated pattern and the child has to complete this in minimum possible blocks to get three stars.
  • The music of the game is very pleasing to hear. It builds the interest in the game furthermore.
  • There is also an undo option if there is any problem.
  • Tynker offers in app purchases of 2 more levels other than the first one namely, Lost in Space and Sketch Racer.

Final Verdict:


Tynker is meant for a good purpose and it is pretty efficient in solving that. It has a great potential of teaching children how to come up with a code. Due to restrictions in the number of blocks to be used to get 3 stars, one has to look for an alternative method by using repeat blocks. This helps children to learn to code efficiently as well.

Tynker for iPad can be accessed from here.

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Works With: iPad requires iOS 6.0 or later.
Free/Paid: Free

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