5 SSD Health Checker Software For Windows 10

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Here’s a list of 5 SSD health checker software for Windows 10. Solid state drives work a bit differently from the more traditional mechanical drives. Most notable difference would be that spinning magnetic platters are not used in SSDs to store data. Flash memory takes precedence. This gives them more speed, and makes them less prone to failing, but it’s still a good idea to keep an eye on their health.

Software from the list down below will help you do just that.


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CrystalDiskInfo is an SSD health checker software for Windows 10 that doesn’t just stop at checking the health of SSDs. All hard drives connected through IDE, SATA and even USB ports up to a point (it’s not possible to collect health readings off of all of them) are supported. Installable and portable versions of CrystalDisk are available in both 32bit and 64bit variants.

Once the program loads up, you will see all the hard drives that it detects listed in tabs up top. Tabs themselves offer a brief overview of the hard drive health and temperature. Select a tab to open up a more detailed report on the hard drive in question. Health percentage, temperature, characteristics and SMART values will be displayed. Take the health estimates made by the application with a grain of salt and rather go over the SMART values (listed down below) to find out what kind of shape the SSD is in.

Get CrystalDiskInfo.

GSmartControl – SSD health checker software for Windows 10

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GSmartControl is an SSD health checker software for Windows 10 that works very similarly to how CrystalDiskInfo does. After finishing the installation and launching the application it will first display a small window where the list of detected hard drives is going to be shown.

After clicking on the selected hard drive you’re going to be presented with a quick report and health overview (see image above). More detailed overview of the SMART attributes and the hard drive capabilities, error logs, tests for determining the hard drive status are also available. Each one of the aforementioned components is hidden away behind a tab up top. SMART values are assessed with “normal”, “old age” and “pre-fail” to give you some idea what the numbers you see mean. Make sure to Google and additionally research the values you detect because I received warnings in GSmart that I didn’t in CrystalDiskInfo.

Get GSmartControl.

Also, have a look at CrystalDiskInfo: Free Software to get Hard Disk Info.

HD Tune

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HD Tune is another multi-purpose SSD health checker software for Windows 10. Here next to checking health, you can also benchmark the hard drive, find out hard drive info (make, model, etc.) and perform error scans. Like all the other applications that I covered, HD Tune will work with mechanical hard drives as well.

Those with multiple drives can switch between them using the drop down menu in the top left corner. Various reports and tools that application has to offer can be accessed by selecting the appropriate tab down below. Health wise the application gives you a temp readout, overview of the SMART values and an overall estimate of the health. Most of the SMART values were reported as OK for my SSD. Like I already said, take them with a grain of salt. If some of them are in “pre-fail” state, look up what they mean and what they should be online before taking any actions.

Get HD Tune.

HDD Guardian

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HDD Guardian has one of the most best thought out interfaces out of all the SSD health checker software for Windows 10 that I tested. You can see it in action on the image above. In the left sidebar the hard drive selector is located.

Once that a hard drive is selected, you will see a summary of its health on the right. You’ll see if the SMART values have exceeded critical values, detected bad sectors or if there are ATA errors. Device info, SMART feature tweaker and partition analyzer are also offered. Clicking on the “More details” button in the summary mode will open up a more detailed info on the hard drive health. It includes things like a complete overview of the SMART values, error logs, self-test, reliability tests and health estimates with graphs.

Get HDD Guardian.

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PassMark DiskCheckup

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PassMark DiskCheckup is a simplistic SSD health checker software which has two main functionalities. You can use it to check SSD health (SMART values of an SSD drive) and additionally a self test can be run on hard drives (both short and extended).

Available hard drives will be available for selection from the box up top. As soon as one is selected you can start open up tabs down below to check the health status of the selected SSD or HDD. On top of that you can also find device info, SMART history and look up hidden areas of the hard drive.

Get PassMark DiskCheckup.


Out of the 5 SSD health checker software from the list above, the two that impressed me the most are HDD Guardian and CrystalDiskInfo. They both seem to have a great balance of advanced features and easy to use interfaces. Other applications were also good. Keep in mind that reading hard disk health status isn’t an exact science, so don’t panic if you see results that indicate sudden hard drive death. Try other tools first, and Google the error to see what it means. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment down below.

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