5 Free Online GIF Editor Websites to Cut, Crop, Resize, Optimize a GIF

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Here are 5 free online GIF editor websites to cut, crop, resize, optimize GIF. With these websites, you can easily edit an animated GIF and download it back to your PC. You will find almost all editing options and tools on these websites to manipulate GIF files. Using these websites, you can easily cut, crop, resize, enhance, colorize, convert to gray-scale, optimize, add text to GIF, and do other editing operations. These websites have an intuitive interface where you can upload your GIF and edit it in the way you want.

There are some GIF editor software available that you can use. But, if you don’t want to install a third-party software in your PC, then you can use these websites I have listed here. You will find a lot of editing options on these websites to edit any GIF.

Free Online GIF Editor Websites to Cut, Crop, Resize, Optimize a GIF

5 Free Online GIF Editor Websites to Cut, Crop, Resize, Optimize a GIF:


EZGIF online GIF editor

EZGIF is probably one of the best websites to edit a GIF. There are a lot of GIF editing options and tools available that you can use. You will find almost every tool there that you can use to edit an animated GIF. This website lets you convert a video to GIF, resize a GIF, optimize a GIF, compress a GIF, crop a GIF, add text to a GIF, split a GIF, add color effects, rotate GIF, and even create a GIF from scratch. You can easily use these tools and edit your GIF accordingly. However, this website imposes a limit on the size of the GIF you will upload. You can only process a GIF having size 30 MB or less.

EZGIF has made it very simple for everyone to use it and edit a GIF file. There is no registration or sign-up in order to start editing a GIF. Once you have headed to its homepage, simply upload the GIF file you want to edit. After that, it will open that GIF on its online editor and you will see the available editing tools on the above toolbar. Just select any tool from there and start editing the GIF. You can use any tool and finally when you are done, you can save changes and download the edited GIF back to your PC.

Online Image Editor

Online image editor edit gif online

Online Image Editor is a very good and free online GIF editor out there. This website is basically meant to edit all sort of images and it handles the editing of a GIF very well. There are a number of tools and features on this website that you will like. You can use this website to cut, crop, color change, add text, overlay another image, add stars, convert the GIF, edit the transparency, flip the GIF, add glitter effect, add rain effect and much more. The website places the GIF on its simple to use editor and you can do whatever you want.

Using Online Image Editor to edit GIFs is very simple. Just go to the homepage of this website and then upload the desired GIF. After that, it will open that GIF on the editor of the website. You will find all the editing tools on the toolbar. Use any tool that you like and make corresponding edits in your animated GIF. Some of the tools on this website are in different tabs. You can also use them and enhance your GIF and save the changes in that. Finally, download the GIF that you have edited.


GIFntext online GIF editor

Gifntext is yet another free online GIF editor website that you can use. This website doesn’t offer so many tools but it has editing tools that most users commonly need to edit an animated GIF. This website can handle animated GIFs pretty easily. For editing, it offers tools like add moving text, add moving images, resize, crop, reverse, speed up and slow down a GIF, edit first or the last frame of GIF, and draw over a GIF. These tools are available on it and changes you make in the GIF appear in real-time.

Using this website to edit GIFs is very simple. Though, it doesn’t have an intuitive image editor like interface, but you will easily figure out how to use this website to edit your GIF. Just upload it first from your PC and when it appears on the website you can start using it. All the editing tools are aligned on the top and bottom right side of the website. Choose the editing tools you want to use and edit your GIF accordingly. And once you are done with the editing, you can save the changes and download the final GIF.

GIF Magic

GIF magic online gif editor

GIF Magic is a very good website to edit an animated GIF. It has the same interface as you see in most image editing software. There are different menus in the editor of this website and editing tools, options are in those menus. With the help of this website, you can resize, rotate, flip, crop, edit frames, rasterize GIF, add color effects, add text, add comments, and add shadow, fade like effects. The website allows you to use these editing tools and save changes in the final GIF.

Using GIF Magic website to edit an animated GIF is very simple. Upload the desired GIF on the website that you want to edit and then use the various tools to edit that. The editor of the website is very simple and you will find all the tools in the different menus of the website. So, use the tools and edit the GIF in the way you want. You can also use other tools and edit the GIF accordingly. Finally, when you are done, you can use the File > Save option to download the edited GIF on your PC.


LunaPic online GIF editor

LunaPic is another free online GIF editor website that you can use. Just like the Online Image Editor above, this website is also meant to edit almost all type of images like PNG, JPG, TIFF, etc. You will find a large number of different tools to manipulate a GIF file. It has basic as well as some advanced set of editing tools on it. For the basic editing, you can use the crop, resize, rotate, flip, fill, paintbrush, eraser, like tools. And as advanced editing tools you can use the filters, color effects like color bars, tilt-shift, blending tool, Christmas tool, snowfall effect, rain effects, blur tool, pixelate tool, and a lot of others. You can use all these tools and apply them in your GIF.

LunaPIC is a simple website and has a feature rich editor. All the tools you will find in the dedicated menus that you will see there. So, upload any GIF that you want to edit it and then you can use the different tools to edit. Edit the GIF on this website just like you edit that in a GIF editor software. Finally, when you are done, you can download the edited GIF file back on your PC. For that, you can use the Save option from the right side of this website.

Final Thoughts

These are the best free online GIF editor websites that I have found. You can use any of these websites and edit your GIF using the various basic and advanced editing tools. The interface of these website is simple and resembles the interface of image editor software. So, if you are looking for some handy online GIF editors, then this list will definitely be helpful.

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