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Giphy’s GIF Editor is an online free GIF editor that lets you add filters, stickers and captions to basic GIFs to make them look more awesome. You can add a variety of animated and non-animated Stickers filtered by tags. In addition to stickers, you can insert visual filters to the GIF from the Effects section. Giphy’s GIF editor also lets you add styled Captions that can be enhanced with animations. In addition to GIFs, it also supports static images such as JPEG, PNG, BMP, etc.

Free GIF editors are very much needed in making memes to cheer up your friends or simply trolling netizens on the internet. With the help of GIPHY’s GIF editor, you can manipulate a basic GIF in many ways with correlation to different topics. That way, the GIFs you’ll create will become unique in their own way.


So let’s have fun making new funny GIFs with Giphy’s GIF editor! Since there is a big chance you chose this free online GIF editor to edit memes, you can also try out these 42 free meme generators.

How to add Cool Stickers on a GIF with Giphy’s GIF Editor

Enter the GIF that needs to be edited, by copy-pasting its address in the URL bar provided. You can also browse a GIF from your computer or by simply dragging and dropping the GIF in Giphy’s GIF editor. On the Stickers tab, you can choose a sticker from different keyword sections. I usually find really good stickers in the Trending section. If you want to select a GIF of a particular mood, you can search for it with the relevant keyword in the search box.

online free GIF editor

This free GIF editor also lets you add multiple stickers one after another. The size of the stickers can be changed by dragging the edge of the sticker’s transformation box in and out. The next step is to add effects to the GIF.

How to Add Awesome Effects to GIFs on Giphy’s GIF editor

Giphy’s GIF editor also lets you add visual effects on the GIF you are editing. You can browse a number of effects from the effects browser. My favorite one was ‘Trippy’ which bloomed the GIF into multiple colors and took it on a psychedelic trip.

online free GIF editor

You can apply the effects individually on the GIF or the sticker. You can also choose to apply it on both of them. The settings are provided on the bottom, so select the one you like. The playback orientation of the GIF can be toggled between normal, reverse, and ping-pong. The ping-pong option plays the GIF forward and backwards successively to give a really nice effect.

How to Add Stylized Caption on a GIF with Giphy’s GIF Editor

Switch to the Caption tab if you want to add a stylized text on your GIF. Enter the caption in the text box provided. You can now choose the style of the caption text between default, meme, subtitle and pixel. Below it, colors can be added to the text as well as a text animation. This free GIF editor lets you select between wave, glitter and glitch text effects to animate the caption.

online free GIF editor

When you’re done editing, enter the relevant tags for the GIF so people can easily find your GIF on Giphy. You can also tag the GIF’s URL in order to give credit to the GIF’s source. Click on Create GIF to upload the created GIF on Giphy. You can now share the GIF you’ve created by sharing the GIF’s address in the next page.

Final Words

As you’ve seen, you can edit and customize the GIFs to look really awesome with captions, effects and stickers. The only problem I experienced with this online free GIF editor is the restricted mobility and transformation of the stickers due to their frame. Even though it has these small problems, this free GIF editor definitely deserves 5 stars.

Try Giphy’s GIF Editor here.

You can check out the GIF I made here.

Know a better alternative to this free online GIF editor? Make sure to share it in the comments!

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