5 Digg Extensions For Google Chrome

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Here, are 5 Digg extensions for Google Chrome. Now you can easily login and manage your Digg account by accessing Digg plugins from your Google Chrome browser.

Digg plugins offers the best way to access and  manage your Digg account on Google Chrome browser. If you regularly use Digg on your Google Chrome browser to post links, then install one of the Digg Chrome extension listed below and enhance your Digg’ing experience.

Digg Extension for Chrome:

Digg App Digg Extensions

Digg is a free Chrome extension to access Digg directly on Google Chrome. This Digg extension is the official extension from Digg. The extension is installed in the form of Google chrome app in the apps page of Google chrome browser. You will not find any specific icon on the extension icon bar of your Google Chrome browser. Nor you will find the extension in the extensions list of the browser. You need to open the app page of your Google Chrome browser to access and manage the Digg extension installed on your Google Chrome browser. The Digg website will be opened in a new tab when you click on the Digg icon from the app page of the chrome browser.

Digg For Chrome:

Digg For Chrome

Digg For Chrome is a free Google Chrome extension to post the links on Digg. This is an official Digg chrome extension for Google Chrome browser. You can easily post the link of any webpage by directly clicking on the Digg icon in the extension bar of your Google Chrome browser. When you are on any webpage and want to post the link of the webpage, just click on the Digg extension icon and submit the post. Before submitting any post to Digg, you need to sign-up or sign-in with your Digg account. The good part of this Digg chrome extension is its submitted post count. The extension displays the post count or URL count to the right of the address bar. You can even post the links to Facebook and Twitter directly from the Digg extension icon itself. The extension even offers a random button which allows you to discover new content.

Digg Reader:

Digg Reader

Digg Reader is a free chrome extension which lets you check the latest story updates without opening Digg in a new tab. This Digg chrome extension is a very useful extension to get updated about things happenings on your Digg account. You can easily check the latest updates on front page, Top stories, and upcoming stories. Along with this, the extension also provides you smart search to search for stories from your Digg account. Just check all your latest stories without loading up the website separately in new chrome window or tab. The good part of the extension is that, you can even submit any story to Digg directly from the extension installed. I really liked the extension and found it useful for submitting new stories to Digg. With this you don’t have to login to your Digg account separately and can check all your updates while working on any tab.

The New Digg Button:

The New Digg Button

The New Digg Button is a free chrome extension which offers a Digg button on the extension bar, right to the Address bar. The purpose of this New Digg Button is to submit articles with its links to Digg. You just have to login to your Digg account and you are ready to post articles to Digg effortlessly. On clicking on Digg button, the extension open a new chrome window with the Digg page to submit the article. The extension is smart enough to import the link, description and the title of the article to Digg. You just have to select the interest and you are ready to post the article to Digg. Along with posting the article, the extension also provides you the count of how many times the article have been submitted to New Digg Button. This feature seems to be a unique and useful. Try it and see how it works.

Digg This Page:

Digg This Page

Digg This Page is a free chrome extension to submit a site or a link to Digg. This chrome extension is a simple and easy extension to submit any article, link, or site to Digg. Digg This Page extension works same as “The New Digg Button” extension on Google Chrome. The only difference between the two is that; Digg This Page opens the Digg submit page in a new chrome tab, where as The New Digg Button submits the article or link by opening a new chrome window. This chrome extension is a nice shortcut to submit a site, link or an article to Digg.

So, these were some easy to use and smart Digg extensions reviewed by us. You can also check out some StumbleUpon chrome extensions reviewed by us.

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