Free War Game for Android: Major Mayhem

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Major Mayhem is an Android war game available for free download. You are the Major; rescue the World and your girlfriend from the evil forces.

You are the Major of your country and you have to control the mayhem. Mayhem means violent destruction. In this war game there’s non-stop action and you can upgrade with lots of guns, grenades, rocket launchers, armors, etc. You can also another different kind of action game reviewed earlier: Slime Vs Mushroom.

major mayhem modes

About This War Game for Android:

In this war game you have to run and gun your way through three different environments: Tropics, Metropolis, and Desert. Each of the environments have 45 levels to play with. There are four different modes available: Classic, Timebomb, Arcade, and Survival. Each of them can be unlocked after completing certain number of kills. But the threat is more as you go to higher modes. You can play up to 150 mini mission objectives.

On the main screen you can see three options Armory, Start Game, and More Mayhem. You also have the option to see the objectives by clicking on the tick mark. View your achievements by clicking on Gold Cup symbol. If you click on the top right corner icon, you can see the settings; where you can modify resolution, reset tutorials, social login, and sound effects.

major mayhem

In the Armory option you can buy various upgrades with the money you have earned. The four armory options are:

  • Get Coins: You can choose various options to get coins to buy other accessories.
  • Supplies: You can buy various upgrades like Air Strike, Robo Mayhem, Hero Time, Super Bullets, unlock the modes, and scenarios also.
  • Weapons: In this you can buy various kinds of pistols, guns, rifles, bazookas, etc.
  • Clothes: In this section you can buy varieties of clothes and hats for the Major.

major mayhem armor

How To Kill The Enemies:

The controls are pretty simple. To shoot tap on the enemies, planes, tanks, etc. to kill them. To choose upgrades during play which are available on the bottom left corner, tap on them. Double tap or tap with both your hands to jump.

Tips: As any gamer would commonly advice, always take a head shot to kill fast and earn more points. When the ninjas are shooting just don’t press anything; so their weapons can’t hit you. Be careful not to shoot a hostage until he is rescued and remember to collect the bonus that the hostage leaves behind. You can shoot the aircrafts also; you will get a bonus for that too. Try buying the sniper after you get money, it kills the enemies in one shot and penetration kill is also possible with it. You can also shoot the chickens for fun.

major mayhem shoot

Out of all the Android games I have played, this is my personal favorite. The graphics are so good and the music keeps the war spirit alive throughout the game. The download size of this war game is 26MB for Android.

Scan the QR Code below; to download Major Mayhem on your Android device.

major mayhem qr

Save the World and your Girlfriend. Here is the link to download: Major Mayhem on Android devices.

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Works With: Android 2.0.1 and up
Free/Paid: Free

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