Slime Vs Mushroom: Alternative for Plant Vs Zombies for Android

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Slime vs Mushroom2 is a free Android game. This strategy game is an alternative to the famous game Plant vs Zombies.

Characters of Slime vs Mushroom are cute rather than scary.

slime vs mushroom start

About Slime vs Mushroom:

Slime vs Mushroom looks very similar to Plant vs zombies game. In plant vs zombies the plants are heroes and zombies are destroyers. In this game the slimes are heroes and the mushrooms are destroyers. Only that you don’t have option like lawn mower at the border for a second chance.

You are the leader of slimes and you have to defend your territory from the mushrooms. The mushrooms march across the path from left to right and you need to stop them from crossing the border. You have to place the slimes strategically to kill the mushrooms and win the game. Every slime has different quality and you have to place them at appropriate position to win the game.

slimes vs mushroom fight

How To Play This Strategy Game on Android:

This strategy game is a little difficult for beginners. You will be guided in the starting with some tips in the beginning.

The mother slimes produces baby slimes which can be collected by touching them. These baby slimes unlock the fighter slimes for firing at mushrooms approaching the border. The mother slimes sometimes produce diamonds which are used for upgrading your slimes. Sometimes you need to place the mother slimes for defense also. So, it’s up to you how you play this strategy game and win over the mushrooms.

In the starting of every game you need to select your choice of slimes as shown in the below screenshot. If you click on the shop option you can upgrade your slimes. After the game starts quickly touch the mother slime in violet and place it on the field. Be quick enough to click the baby slimes to unlock the fighter slimes.

Some other popular games you can try on Android are: Snakes and Ladders for Android, and Mario for Android.

slime vs mushroom game

This strategy game has 140 stages and cute characters in the game. The graphics and music is awesome. This game is just 12Mb and it can be moved to memory card also. It got a rating of 4.7 out of 5 in google play.

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So, check this cool strategy game which is a good alternative to Plant vs Zombies. If you have a barcode scanner then scan the above QR Code or click here to Download Slime vs mushroom.

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