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Clipperz is a free online password manager which allows you to store your confidential data and passwords online.Using Clipperz, you can store your passwords and other sensitive information in an encrypted form. Unlike other password managers, you do not need to download or install anything for using Clipperz, and you can access your confidential information from anywhere.

Clipperz uses cards to organize your confidential data. A card consist of a web form which allows you to store confidential data such as passwords, bank account number, address and etc . You can create a card for web password, bank account, credit card, and address book entry.  If there is no card from above that meets your needs, you can create a custom card. You can add as many field as you want to the card.

Here are some of the features of Clipperz:

  • Clipperz is a free password manager software
  • Clipperz is a free password manager that allows you to add unlimited numbers of cards
  • The Web Password card keeps the login username and password of your web services.
  • The Bank Account card keeps bank account information including bank account number and online banking credentials
  • The Credit Card card keeps your credit card information including the number that appears on your credit card, credit card expiry date, CV2 code, and pin number
  • The Address Book Entry keeps address information of family, friends, acquaintance, and business
  • The custom card adds whatever kind of private information to be entrusted in secret
  • Clipperz will create a direct login on your web browser

Clipperz is a completely free password manager that is filled with rich features.

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