Time Tracking Chrome Extension To Track Project Time

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Time Track Turbo is a free time tracking Chrome extension that allows you to track timings and progress for your added projects. You can add as many as 10 projects at a time and track their timings. This helps you in keeping up your speed and sends you a pop up when the time you added is complete. In addition to this you can do several other things like add information about your clients, generate invoices, view timesheets, view history of your projects.

This time tracking extension for Google Chrome provides you a lot of features than a simple time tracker. You just have to create an account and start using all these features for free. Let us examine all these features in the following paragraphs.

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Sign Up And Add Projects

As soon as you add this extension to your browser and create an account, you can start adding projects on the dashboard itself. You have to add a name for your project and select the number of hours in which you wish to finish the project. Just hit the start button and your tracker will be up and running. If you wish, you can even pause the tracker in between anytime. The extension allows you to add 10 projects at a time in a similar manner. All these projects that you add are shown in your calendar under their respective date. The calendar is shown separately in a new tab.

Time Tracker Turbo-time tracking-add project

Now while you are adding a project there are a couple of optional features that you can add. You can add the name of your client for which you are performing the task, if any. You can add up to 5 clients in a different tab and just insert their name when you are adding a new project. You can also add other client related information like their phone number, email address and more. This can be done if you are doing some professional project. You can also fill in details about the worker who is performing that task.

Time Tracker Turbo-time tracking-add client details

One more feature of this time tracking extension is that you can generate invoices for your projects. Invoices are like digital bills that contain all the information regarding a sale. In this scenario, invoices contain information regarding your project like project name, client name, worker’s name, date of project. This works as a kind of bill that you can share with your client. There is a separate tab where you can generate these invoices.

Key Features Of This Time Tracking Extension

  • Add projects and track their progress
  • Add client and worker details
  • Generate invoices
  • View calendar
  • View history of your projects
  • View charts
  • View project list
  • Pause/start your projects
  • Receive popups

Final Verdict

Time Tracker Turbo is a little complicated but a helpful tool. The features are a bit different and thus look a bit difficult to understand in the beginning. But, they are quite useful and you can add every single detail related to your project.

Check it out here!

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Works With: Google Chrome
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