Chrome Extension To Block Websites At Specific Times

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DistractOff is a free Chrome Extension to set time to block selective websites. Its a very simple extension with a simple goal of stopping you from visiting websites on impulsive procrastination.

It basically allows you to add URLs of websites that you want to stop yourself from visiting. You can further add time during which you don’t want to visit those websites. It also allows you to choose days on which you want to block these websites on specified time. You can also directly add any website to block list from the toolbar icon by selecting  Add This Site.

Most of us surely have some websites which we impulsively keep on opening every 5-10 minutes, and most of the time nothing new happens to be there. This process hinders our productivity by keeping us distracted most of the time. Therefore I found this Chrome Extension pretty amazing that helps us by stopping this impulsive procrastination and keeping us focused. However if its really important to open any of the blocked website then it also as an option for that.

Keep Distracting Websites Blocked While Working:

DistractOff is the simplest solution to keep distracting websites blocked while working. Its very simple to use. You can start by adding this extension from Chrome Web Store. Once the extension is added to Chrome, its icon appears in browser toolbar and it automatically starts running.

Then you need to click on this icon to open its menu. This menu has three options, Stop, Add This Site, and Settings. Stop option can be used any time to stop DistractOff.  Add This Site can be used to add any open website to block list. Settings has all the settings to configure DistractOff.

On opening Settings, you mainly have two things to configure, Banned Domains, and Schedule.

You simply need to add URLs of websites you want to block under Banned Domains. You can start by adding 1 URL per line. Then you can configure the schedule by entering time between which you want to ban these websites. You can also choose days on which you want to keep the site banned on schedule. After configuring all this you need to click on Save Changes to kick start the blocking.

Once all the settings are configured, your Chrome will refuse to open all the added URLs under Banned Domains.


DistractOff is a very useful extension to stop impulsive procrastination and keep you focused on your work. It works quite fine and is very easy to use.

Get it from here.

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