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Play the most popular Video game of the 90’s: play Prince of Persia Online. Play Prince Of Persia on your browser and relive those old memories.

In Prince of Persia, you play the role of Prince and you have to stop the Vizier from unleashing the sands of time. So, you have to navigate through the Vizier’s throne and kill him. Play this classic MS-Dos game on your browser for free; without the need of downloading anything on your computer.

prince of persia online

Gameplay of Prince of Persia Online:

Prince of Persia is a 2D classic game that was first launched in 1989 for Apple 2 computer. Then many versions of it were developed and even a movie was developed based on the game. Though the graphics dosn’t look so promising in this old MS-DOS version, the game is a big hit.

The game is set in an old castle like location. It has gates with secret switches, traps, spikes, etc. The secret doors open when you step on a tile and some of them close automatically. So, be fast enough to activate the switch and run to the gate. Avoid traps or jumping into pits; else you will have to start over again. When you find spikes, walk slowly through them to avoid them. If you jump from higher heights or if tiles fall on your head then you may loose your health. Even if you are attacked by enemy’s sword you will loose your health. You can take only three damages in the whole game; in between you will also find life potions that increase your health. As shown in below screenshot, on the left bottom you can see your health and beside it is the timer.

You have to go around searching for the Sword and avoid the traps. Get the Sword, find the enemy, and kill him. If you end up meeting your enemy without the sword, consider you are dead. Remember that there is a time limit also for this game; you have to complete it within 8 minutes. If you don’t complete it before 8 minutes or die in between, you have to start all over again.

prince of persia online game

Controls for This Online Prince Of Persia Game:

The controls for Prince of Persia Online game are:

  • Use arrow keys to move the Prince.
  • Use Shift to grab onto ledges.
  • Use shift + left or right to walk slowly.
  • Use space bar to perform a long jump.
  • You can use the reset option to reset the game to the starting.
  • Use the Return to main menu option to return to the main menu.

prince of persia fight

This Prince of Persia has better graphics than the old version and good sound effects too. You can also try other classic games like: Contra Games and Mario Games.

Click here to Play Prince of Persia Online.

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