Free Business Inventory Software For Windows: Inflow Inventory

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Inflow Inventory is a free business inventory software that lets you track and manage your sales, purchase, and inventory. It’s a handy and comprehensive tool that help small business owners to organize and control their stocks in an efficient way. The application offers a nice set of video tutorials on how to’s and lets you easily get started and manage your products and inventory.

Inflow Inventory offers bunch of useful tools and features that lets you get organized in a professional way. You can enter your product details, sales and purchase records, inventory details, and generate reports as business documents. The application can be used in different domains, including wholesale, retail, e-commerce, and manufacturing.

Inflow Inventory is available as both free and paid versions. The free version allows you to add up to 100 products and customers, and generate up to 15 reports. It can run in multi-user mode (read-only) with forum support.

inflow inventory free business inventory software interface

Before we move ahead, let’s have a look on how to download and install this free business inventory software.

Download and Install Inflow Inventory:

As I have just told, Inflow Inventory is available both as a freeware and paid software. The link given at the end of this article will take you to the pricing page of the software where you will find the download link of the free version (free for lifetime). Click on that to download Inflow Inventory installer. Now run the installer to download essential components and install this free business inventory software in your system. The setup will take some time during which you can watch training videos available within the installer. Once the installation finishes, you can use Inflow Inventory to track and control your stocks and inventory.

Now let’s see in detail, how you can use this free business inventory software to record and track your inventories.

Manage Sales, Purchase, and Inventory using Inflow Inventory:

Inflow Inventory provides  a user-friendly interface with proper guidance on how to use the software to record your complete inventory from purchase to sales. The startup screen will take you to the homepage from where you can access the main menu button. This contains several submenus, listing options to add your purchase, sales, and inventory details.

Under Purchase section, you can add new purchase orders, new vendors, and manage your stocks by tracking recent orders, open orders, received orders, and paid orders.

inflow inventory purchase order

Under the Sales section, you will find options to add new sales quotes, sales orders, and new customers. You can then track your sales order list and manage your recent orders, open orders, invoiced orders, and paid orders by clicking on the respective options from the submenu. You can also view the list of your customers and get more details on it just by making a double-click on the customer entry.

inflow inventory sales order

Under Inventory, you can keep track of all your inventory, including product list, product categories, product pricing, current stocks, and movement history.

inflow inventory movement history

Sales, purchase, and inventory can be interlinked to track the growth of your business process. You can import or export data as CSV spreadsheets, and generate professional-looking reports for your business.

inflow inventory dashboard

Inflow Inventory provides beautifully-designed forms to enter details of everything, with auto-fill support to quickly enter data.

I can write a lot, giving examples and further explanations, but then the article would become too lengthy to read. So keeping it precise, I would rather suggest you to watch the training videos that will properly explain how you can use this free business inventory software.

Now let’s have a quick look on the key features of Inflow Inventory.

Key Features of this free Business Inventory Software:

  • Free business inventory software for Windows.
  • Designed to effectively and effortlessly track your sales, purchase, and inventories.
  • Organize products with prices, pictures, and categories.
  • Read barcodes with the help of barcode scanner.
  • Supports multiple measurement units.
  • Auto-fill support for previously added entries.
  • Detailed history of inventory.
  • Simple workflow for taking orders.
  • Advanced workflow to add more data like shipping details and customer returns.
  • Print invoice details and purchase orders.
  • Email invoice details and purchase orders.
  • Reorder stocks that are low in cost.
  • Automatically track the product costs.
  • Graphs showing timelines of your sales, profit, and inventory.
  • Generate professional reports (up to 15).
  • Customize reports.
  • Preview reports.
  • Export reports as PDF or Excel for easy sharing.
  • Comprehensive and easy-to-use application.
  • Adds up to 100 customers and products.
  • Can run in multi-user mode, which means that the free version can be installed on many computers and multiple users can share the application but only in read-only mode.
  • Set access rights in multi-user mode.
  • Import/Export data in CSV files.
  • Balloon tips.
  • Backup/Restore data.
  • Customizable fields.
  • Multi-tabbed interface.
  • Available in multiple languages.

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The Final Verdict:

Inflow Inventory is an absolutely amazing free business inventory software that lets you easily manage your stock details and track your inventory. It’s a handy and reliable software that can help you track your business growth and generate professional reports. If you are planning to turn your passion into business, you must try this handy app to maintain all your paper work.

Download Inflow Inventory free.

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