5 Free Software to Remove Ads from Web Page for Printing

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Here are 5 Free Software to Remove Ads from Web pages for printing. These free software help you in reducing printing costs, and have cleaner prints of web pages.


PrintWhatYouLike is free web application that helps you to remove ads from the pages before you print them. This helpful tool will not only remove ads from the WebPages but also economical as you might waste your printing resources by printing unwanted ad blocks and images in the page. The application is so easy that you can remove ad blocks in a single click. No adjustment needed and you secure your print outs without wasting resources.

The application is so easy that you need not do any technical settings and your work is finished in seconds. When you preview your page in the application window, the program will highlight the ad block detect by it. You simply have to click on the block and that ad block stripping is done. The application intelligently strips ad block without removing any other section of the web page.

What can you do with this freeware?

  • Remove background of the web page using this software before you print. You just have to mention the software to remove background and this freeware will remove unwanted background in single click.
  • Removes images from the webpage
  • Increase or decrease font of the text in the web page for better clarity
  • Convert webpage to PDF: This is one of the most interesting feature of the application. As you can convert your HTML webpage into PDF file without using any external software. Also try Download website as PDF.

Read more about PrintWhatYouLike, or try it here.



GreenPrint is another free application, which helps you to save your print out pages by removing unwanted things from your prints. You need to install this software on your desktop and it will reside in your computer as printer option. You just have to choose this application before printing your web pages. As you launch application, it will open your page which you want to print and will show you different sections of the page which are removable.

Using this application is very simple and it has intuitive interface. The application was design with the sole motive to direct you to save paper and computer resource, which is not wasteful for yourself but also not healthy for our environment. Very often, when you print web pages, you print more pages than actually required. However, by using this free program, you will not only save money and resources but also wastage at environment end.

When you use this application, you can preview your print outs, and remove the unwanted stuffs that you do not require in the printouts. This way you will print only that much pages, which you actually wanted. Also this application will show you details like average cost of printing the pages, and also shows you the money you saved by not printing the additional stuff. Also, use it as PDF converter, to save your web pages as PDF file for future reference.

Read more about GreenPrint, or download it here.

The Printliminator

The Printliminator is free software, which is another easy to use program for removing ads and unwanted section from the webpage before you print them. The application is very easy and interesting to use. The USP of the software is its ease of using and not loaded with unnecessary features. This tool is so simple that it requires only one click to activate and one click to remove unwanted sections from the web site.

The application is actually in the form of bookmarklet. You just have to drag your bookmarks bar on the Printliminator tan to activate the application and easily remove ads, images, graphics, and any section of the webpage and print only what you want. When you activate Printliminator, the application will identify the blocks that can be removes with red online. Wherever you move your cursor, the application will show you relevant red box that comprised that section of the page. You will also notice four small tool box on the right corner of the screen that gives you option- Remove all graphics, Send to printer, undo last action, and apply print stylesheet.

By using the above options, you can format your printouts easily without any hassle. When you do not want any section of the page just click the box comprising it and thus you have removed that area in a click.  It is as simple as that! You can remove almost any thing using this application. Whether its images, video clips or any part of the text in the page.

Download Printliminator here.

Nuke Anything Enhanced

Nuke is ready to use and freely downloadable add-on for Firefox which allows you to remove ads and objects from the page by click on to the menu with options like ‘Remove Object’ or ‘Remove Selection’ with possibility of multiple undo of ‘Remove Object’. You just have to make selection on the page that you want to print and choose menu options accordingly. Once you have decided what to remove, and press right click to select remove this object and thus you are done.

The application also give you ease of removing objects permanently from the print outs so that you need not remove them all over again. The application will remember the removal and selection when you specify it by clicking ‘Remove It Permanently’ option from the menu.

Download Nuke Anything for Firefox here.

HP Web Page Printing

This is another plug in for your browser, which is free to install. You need not install any software for using this application and it dwells on your tool bar always available whenever you need. This tool enables you to print quick web pages without wasting any resources. The plug in is very useful when it comes to saving as the using mechanism is very simple and hassle free.

Using this plug in involves four very easy steps-

  1. Open the clip book- the plug in rest on your toolbar like a clip. For activating the clip, just press the clip book on the right corner of the browser.
  2. Click the select button- once you have activate the plug in, you can make selection on the page that you want to print. Select in the form of text box selecting as much text, images and graphics on the page.
  3. Than click left corner of the selection box. You can move the box by click on the left corner of the text box and than press Clip tab. You will print only your selected area and avoiding unwanted images and text that you do not want.

Download HP Web Page Printing here.

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