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IDrive is a free online backup tool that allows user to store and backup files in an online repository. IDrive backup has been designed to  store a copy of critically important data in a secure, remote location. Important data like e-mails, personal folders and files, confidential data, can be safely stored using IDrive online backup tool. IDrive Backup provides 5GB of free online backup space. This is much more than space provided by other free online backup services like Mozy, ElephantDrive and Dropbox.

IDrive free online backup application is capable of being run on Windows and Mac Operating systems. IDrive application stores a copy of data securely, in an off-site server. The user need not worry about hard disk crashes, file getting corrupted, storage errors, human errors and other storage related hardware failures. Having a backup online is of great convenience to the user. One big advantage is that the files can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

IDrive tool comes in a number of versions. One that deserves mention, is the free version. IDrive backup’s free version gives the user a free backup space of 5GB which is ample enough to store all critical files and documents. All the backed up files can be opened, edited and moved . This tool is an efficient backup option for individuals with minimal needs and even for small companies with relatively large storage needs.


Here are some of the features of IDrive Free Online Backup:

Highly Secure Free Online Backup

The IDrive is a really secure way to back up files. It safeguards the data against intrusions  and unauthorized access. The repository is very safe to store critical files. The transfer of data between the application and the server is encrypted using 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption.  In the repository the data is stored in 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) military grade encryption. So the user can be sure about the security of the data.  The encryption key is selected by the user (highly secure) which has to be remembered and when default encryption is used the user need not remember the secret key since it is system generated.

Simple Interface to Backup Data Online

The interface is intuitive and extremely simple to use even for the newbies. With the list of menus and options, the installation takes only a few steps and is very easy. The whole process of backup, management and retrieval can be done effortlessly, thanks to the well designed interface.

Time stamped access

The user can access the data 24×7 from anywhere in the world. All the access by the user is logged and it is time stamped with the time and date of access. This can help the user keep track of the changes that are made to the data stored and even any unauthorized tampering with the data can be identified, if at all any such thing happens.

Automatic, continuous and Incremental backups of Data Online

IDrive selects the most backed up documents , folders and user’s personal files and makes a backup of these files automatically. The user can also customize this process and schedule it. The backups are also made continuously. It continuously recognizes the modified parts of files and folders and automatically updates them in the backed up version. The latest version after modification is stored, thereby reducing  storage space and the bandwidth requirements.

Also the user can back up locked files like Outlook (.Pst) files, Quickbooks, MS Excel etc., Other options include, support for mapped and external hard drives.

IDrive Explorer

The IDrive explorer provides a Windows explorer like view  to access the files and restore backed up data that is stored in IDrive free online backup account. The user can make use of the drag and drop feature to pull files from the virtual drive to the local folders.

Restoring Options

IDrive free online backup provides a number of options for restoring. There is an integrated search feature to find files in the virtual drive and restore them on the local system storage. Further, Restore option with a time-line feature is available. The user can restore even an older version of the backup that is available using this timeline based restore feature.

Multiple backups

The user can backup up to as many as five different PC’s data parallelly using a single online backup account on IDrive. IDrive is capable of retaining as many as 30 different versions of the backed up data. So rolling back to previous versions is possible.  Further a backup of backups is maintained at a secure location for unmatched security and to safeguard against any storage failures at the servers. The user can also select a list of applications to be used with Idrive when automatic backup option is enabled. No archived data is deleted until the user manually deletes them.

Other features include:

  • The whole process of online storage backup and management is convenient and organised. Scheduling options are available to carry out the backup even when the user has logged off the system. The system can be powered off when the process is completed.
  • No restrictions on bandwidth and file type options during storage.
  • The user can test the bandwidth and the upload speed  by backing up 1 GB of data as test run. Also the user can test the download speed by downloading the stored data.

All these features and options make IDrive an efficient solution to backup critical files in a secure way. 5GB Free online backup space is a compelling option to choose IDrive over other free online backup software.

System requirements for using IDrive:

  • Windows Operating System versions Windows Vista, 7, XP, 2000 (service pack 4), 2003 (home server edition).
  • Internet Explorer version 6 and above.
  • 512 MB of RAM, 10 GB of Hard Disk space for installing the program and an additional space of 20 MB of cache storage which is usually recommended for local caching.

Try IDrive free here.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2008 Server, Windows 2000 Server
Free/Paid: Free

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