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Verses is a free website to write poems, and also read poems posted by others. It is primarily meant for newbie poets who get an opportunity to showcase their poetic skills to a large audience. And those who are lovers of poetry get a chance to read poems of unknown poets, some of which they might actually like.

This website is as simple as it gets. Just start browsing the website to read the poems posted by others. And to post your own poem, just login with Facebook, and start writing.

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How To Use Verses To Write And Share Poems:

I really like this website for the simplicity that it offers, the unique genre that it caters to, as well as the tremendous potential. I consider myself a newbie poet, and have penned some masterpieces in my college days, but never had a platform to showcase them. I could have setup my own blog and wrote my poems on that, but that doesn’t give me an opportunity to present it to other connoisseurs of poetry.

I wish I knew about Verses then.

Verses is really helpful for people like me. Newbie poets can create a free account on this website, and write their poem. Poem writing process is really as simple as it gets. Just give a title to your poem, and then write the complete poem. And you can write as many poems as you want.

The best part is that poems are published immediately, and all new poems appear on the homepage of this website. So, your creation would be on homepage of this website, on which like minded people can read them. Hopefully, you can become a famous poet someday :)

And don’t worry if you published a poem that you didn’t want to; you can anytime Delete any poem that you wrote.

Of course, the fact that the poems are immediately published also mean that anyone can post literally anything. I came across a few posts that didn’t make any sense. I really wish they add some sort of moderation feature, so that quality of content that is published on this website can be controlled.

If you are not a poet, but like to read poems, especially by new authors, then this is one place you should definitely visit. You will be able to read tons of poems from across the world from poets of all the levels (newbie to expert). And you will surely come across some poems that you like. And if you like a particular poem, you can click on its author name to see all the poems by that author. You can even see their Facebook profile, in case you want to get in touch with that poet. The Verses profile of the poet also shows the time when the poet was last active on Verses.

The only challenge that you might face is of irrelevant content, because of lack of moderation.

As I said in the beginning, you don’t need to create any account to browse this website, but if you create an account (using your Facebook login), then you get some extra features. You can like any poem, but you will be able to see this option only after you have created your account.

If you want to have an iPhone app for reading poems of different genre, you should definitely check Poetry.


Verses is a great online platform for all the aspiring poets to share their poems with others. However it should have a moderator to keep a tab on the contents being published on the website. Its a website worth visiting for all the poem enthusiasts.

Check it out here.

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